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Nickelfox Welcomes B S Chauhan as New Chief Operating Officer

Nickelfox appoints B S Chauhan as COO to drive operational excellence and systemization of business processes

Noida, November 8, 2023 — Nickelfox, a company known for providing end-to-end technology solutions, is excited to introduce Mr. B S Chauhan as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). In his capacity as COO, Mr. Chauhan will lead the charge in driving operational excellence and maintaining Nickelfox’s tradition of providing innovative and top-tier digital solutions worldwide.


B S Chauhan, an accomplished professional with an impressive track record, shared his thoughts on his new role: “I am thrilled to join Nickelfox as Chief Operating Officer. In the sphere of technology services, this dynamic organization has positioned itself effectively. I eagerly look forward to contributing to its growth and success.”


Chauhan’s appointment marks a significant step in Nickelfox’s efforts to strengthen its presence in the digital transformation and app development industry. A 2014 VSME award winner, Chauhan brings four decades of expertise in diverse industries. His impressive track record promises future innovation and productivity, making him an asset to Nickelfox.

Nilesh Ukey, Co-founder at Nickelfox, also expressed his enthusiasm regarding the appointment of B S Chauhan: “Mr. Chauhan’s expertise in strategic quality initiatives and his strong leadership capabilities make him the perfect fit for the COO position. As we move forward in our mission to not only meet but exceed client expectations and drive technological advancements, I have no doubt that B S Chauhan will be instrumental in achieving our goals.”

Nickelfox is known for its commitment to cutting-edge digital solutions. With top-level staff expansion, the company is ready to lead innovation in digital technology. With the team guided by a tech leader like B S Chauhan will help Nickelfox set a new benchmark in digital technology services, rewriting a new era of innovation.


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