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Drive Innovation with Our Android Developers

Need to scale your Android development team quickly? We can help. Hire our Android on-demand developers to ramp up your productivity and meet project deadlines with efficiency.

Hire Android App Developers India

Hire Android App Developers for Android App Development Services

Increase the potential of your technical team by hiring Android app developers who will expedite your app development process. Our IT staff augmentation solutions are designed to adapt to your requirements, ensuring that your product outshines the competition.

Custom android app development

Experience the power of our full-lifecycle Android app development solutions for Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, and TV, and turn your vision into reality.

Scalable enterprise app solutions

Android developers for hire who provide strategic planning and cutting-edge technological solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Seamless migration & upgrades

Our expert Android app developers can help you on-board your brand with ease on the platform of your choice. You need not look further.

Professional android consulting

Our team of top Android app developers will suggest value proposition solutions to maximize your consumer experience across all industries and sectors.

Robust app maintenance

Boost your Android app's performance with our round-the-clock support for a seamless app performance and uninterrupted user experience.

Reliable quality assurance & testing

Work with an individual Android expert or hire an Android development team to ensure your product’s security and reliability with rigorous QA and testing.

Enjoy the advantages of remote collaboration

Hire Remote Android Developers

Build innovative, high-quality apps with our talented developers.

Expand Your Reach With Cutting-Edge Android Mobile App Development.

Unlock new business potential with our Android app development services. Whether in need of an Android NDK developer or looking for an Android SDK developer, Nickelfox has experts to help you with cutting-edge Android mobile app development.

Lower cost

With robust SDK, developers can easily create apps while reducing licensing and development costs, making it a cost-effective solution.

Customizable UI

Customizable UI empowers Android developers to create compelling products with more freedom, thanks to Google's focus on flexibility.

Easy approvals

Our expert Android developers create apps according to a perfect go-to-market strategy, saving a lot of time in analysis and approvals.

Multi-network distribution

Leverage the open-source nature of Android to reach wider audiences. Hire Android consultants to help you increase your market share through multiple app marketplaces.

Enhanced security

Android app development SDKs have built-in security features that can control system and file permissions. We bring Android app developers for hire to develop security features in your Android applications.

Open source compatibility

With Android's vast open-source community, app developers can access licensed, royalty-free software and advanced technological frameworks with ease.

Need Android expertise?

Don't wait, hire our top-notch Android developers and ensure your project's success.

Step Up your Android App Development Process with our Powerful Technologies.

Stand out in the market with a team of hybrid and native Android developers by your side. From native Android app development to hybrid apps, we have experts to create an unparalleled mobile experience on diverse platforms.

Android development frameworks

OpenGL Logo


Android Annotations Framework

Android Annotations



Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Android SDK

Sherlock Action Bar

Sherlock Action Bar

Programming Languages

Java For Android App Development


Kotlin App Development Services


Customized Android Development Libraries

Dagger 2 Android Development

Dagger 2

Retrofit - Type-safe REST Client for Android and Java


Picasso - Powerful Image Downloading and Caching Library


Glide - Fast and Efficient Image Loading Library for Android


ZXing - Barcode Scanning library for Java, Android


Integrated Development Environments

Android Studio IDE for Android app development

Android Studio

GameMaker Studio 2 for Android Game Development

GameMaker Studio 2

Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) Manager

AVD Manager

Eclipse for Android Development

Eclipse Fabric

Android SDK

Android SDK Tools for App Development

Android SDK

Android Native Development Kit (NDK) Tools for Native Coding

Android NDK

ARCore (Google Play Services for AR) to develop Augmented Reality Applications


Google Android Auto App Development

Android Auto

Google Fit for Health and Wellness Apps Development

Google Fit SDK

Database Solutions

SQLite Open Source SQL Database for Android Device


Realm DB - Database for Apps on Android Device

Realm DB

ORMLite for Apps on Android Device


Berkeley DB for Mobile Apps on Android Device

Berkeley DB

Couchbase Lite for Mobile Apps on Android Device

Couchbase Lite

Flexible working models for maximum productivity

Adapt to the modern workforce with flexible working models for hiring Android developers. Tailor schedules and app development arrangements to your preferences with a motivated and productive team of remote Android app developers.


Onsite app developers

Employ a full-time Android developer or a team of native/hybrid Android app experts to work on our project at your desired location.


Offsite app developers

Leverage dedicated individuals or a team of remote Android app developers to work on your project from Nickelfox’s offices.


Hybrid android team

Take advantage of an onsite staff and a remote team led by a project/team manager working at our app development centre.

What makes our Android App Developers the Best to Hire

Our Android developers’ exceptional skills set them apart in the industry. Trust them to build high-performing, user-friendly, and innovative Android apps for your business.

Hire Software Developers from India for Custom Software Development Services

Creative thinkers

The Android developers at Nickelfox are masters at blending eye-catching designs with innovative development techniques. Their solutions are unparalleled in terms of creativity and functionality.

Technology enthusiasts

Our Android development team utilizes cutting-edge tools and technologies to create customized applications for clients while keeping up-to-date with the latest tech trends.

Experienced app artisans

Our experienced developers have created a diverse range of native and cross-platform apps for businesses of all sizes – startups to Fortune 500s. They have expertise in multiple domains and are experts at offering innovative solutions.

Ethical professionals

Transparency and exemplary work ethics – is inherent in the Nickelfox Value system and our developers maintain these two aspects throughout the hiring process, to project onboarding, and delivering the solution.

Great communicators

Effective communication is essential for successful app development. Our developers excel at communication, which enables them to work in perfect sync with clients.

Community members

Joining several global Android communities, our developers are dedicated to staying ahead of the tech game and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Discuss your business projects with our experts.

We always look for feasible and clear collaborations while providing quality solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leaf through the following common questions that clients often ask when looking to hire Android app developers. The questions will help you make an informed decision about our services

Why should you hire a dedicated Android developer for your business?

Hire Nickelfox’s Android app developers to ensure speedy time-to-market with little outlay of funds. You get quicker results from your dedicated professional Android app developers because they are focused on your project.

How can I stay in touch with my developer and track the progress of my project?

Our robust project management system allows us to monitor daily progress and delegate tasks to dedicated Android developers. We use tools like Basecamp, Slack, Teamwork, and JIRA, and are accessible through Skype, Hangout, and Teams.

Would you offer post-project maintenance and support services?

Yes. We value building lasting relationships with our customers. We offer client service and maintenance services for a limited time period. Android coders respond quickly to bugs, speed concerns, and other performance issues during this support period (if any).

What qualifications and experience do your Android developers possess?

When you look forward to Nickelfox to hire Android developers in India, we ensure that the resources we avail you are highly qualified and experienced. Besides a strong background in programming languages, they also have an understanding of Android frameworks and tools.

Can I hire Android developers on a full-time or part-time basis?

Yes. You can hire Android developers on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis, depending on the duration and complexity of your project.

Can I collaborate directly with the hired Android developers?

Yes. We encourage direct collaboration between our clients and the hired Android developers. We provide seamless communication channels and project management tools to ensure smooth interaction and effective teamwork.

Is there any flexibility to scale up or down the number of Android developers during the project?

Yes. We can scale up or down the number of Android developers based on your changing needs. We can accommodate your requirements of resources as soon as you let us know.  

Dreaming big? Let Nickelfox be your one-stop destination for turning visions into successful business endeavors. With our comprehensive technology support, staff augmentation, and venture capital funding, your dreams are closer than ever.

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