Meet Our Leaders

BS Chauhan, Chief Operating Officer

BS Chauhan

Chief Operating Officer

Bhagwan Singh Chauhan is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of expertise in strategic quality initiatives and cost reduction. He is a progressive and performance-driven leader, and is professionally certified in the Suppliers Improvement process from DANA Corporation, Korea, and as a Visionary Leader for Manufacturing (VLFM) from Anand University.

While Chauhan is a recipient of many awards, one of the most significant one was for the Best VSME (Visionary small and medium enterprises). He has a proven record in developing and executing successful, strategic quality initiatives. His core capabilities include troubleshooting and systemisation of business processes, and he is passionate about achieving excellence in products and operational management.

Nilesh Ukey, Founder – Director

Nilesh Ukey

CEO - Founder

Nilesh, an IIT-Rookee graduate, is the visionary behind Nickelfox Technologies. As a new-age, progressive leader, he champions the mission of providing dignified employment and delivering solutions that impact society.

Nilesh has more than 15 years of experience in leadership and client service roles across diverse sectors including technology, healthcare, FinTech, insurance, e-commerce. He is also an angel investor in several start-ups that align with his goal of creating value in society.
Behind the professional persona is an avid reader who emphasises on the importance of reading to build a socially and politically aware society. Nilesh also runs an initiative called Curious Titans, with the aim of instilling critical thinking across all age groups.

Ravindra Soni, Founder

Ravindra Soni

Founder - Director

Ravindra Soni is the backbone of Nickelfox’s success and growth. A Computer Science graduate from IIT Roorkee, and an angel investor, Soni’s core belief centres around – “Empowering Ideas with Technology”. This firm belief has enabled Nickelfox to transform the landscape of tech-enabled solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Under Soni’s astute leadership, Nickelfox has delivered 350+ projects in 35+ industries and 25+ countries. His performance-driven approach involves identifying and crafting scalable tech solutions to meet diverse business objectives.

Soni has over 15 years of experience in strategic leadership and decision-making, and of steering organizational growth and success. His journey is a testament to the power of innovative ideas, and a relentless commitment to empowering businesses with technology.

Prashish Chauhan, Founder – Director

Prashish Chauhan

Founder – Director

Prashish Chauhan, affectionately known as Prai, is a seasoned product engineering expert with over 15 years of rich experience in the IT services industry.

Prai’s expertise encompasses product branding, user experience design, and animation. Stellar in motion graphic design, and photography, Prai is well-versed in major design tools, covering the entire spectrum of modern design platforms. Prai also harbours a deep interest in the future of AI and its potential across varied industries and sectors.

Prai is quizzical by nature and has a quirk for finding user-experience solutions in day-to-day issues. He aims to transform business ideas into tangible reality with impactful products. Prai represents a blend of technical expertise and creative flair, a perfect catalyst for turning imagination into innovation.

Kivi, Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO)


Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO)

Meet Kivi, the adorable furball who is our Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO) at Nickelfox Technologies. She wins over people with her wagging tail and perky ears. And brings boundless joy to the workplace. If you thought she gives endless cuddles, she doesn’t – she’s the Boss! You may extend a friendly handshake though.

With her honorary degree in Paw-sitivity, she specializes in boosting team morale and creating a delightful work environment. As our CEO, Kivi’s responsibilities include spontaneous play sessions, impromptu hallway races, and participating in treat parties.

When she’s not busy charming everyone, you can find Kivi taking power naps and getting pose-clicked to maintain her portfolio. Her charm makes her an indispensable part of the Nickelfox team.

Mayank Ahuja, HR Head

Mayank Ahuja

HR Head

Mayank Ahuja, currently serving as the Head of Human Resources at Nickelfox Technologies, has expertise in managing the entire employee lifecycle.

Mayank holds an Executive Program in Strategic Human Resource Management from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Lucknow, and an MBA in Human Resources and Marketing from Amity University, which make him a well-rounded HR professional.

Mayank is proficient in aligning employee goals with organisational objectives and implementing effective rewards and recognition programs. He maintains productive relations with business leaders at all organisational levels and excels in day-to-day HR matters.

Previously, Mayank had a strategic role as a Senior Manager at Blackberry Menswear. He has also worked with Apollo Munich Health Insurance and DXC.

Sambhav Shah, Head of Engineering

Sambhav Shah

Head of Engineering

Sambhav is the Head of Engineering in Nickelfox Technologies. He has established a track record in the health and wellness industry. Sambhav possesses a wide range of skills, particularly excelling in Mobile App Development and Frontend Development. With extensive experience in Python and Node.js backend technologies, he is the driving force behind delivering efficient software solutions to clients.

His strong educational background of a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, combined with hands-on experience, equips him to lead and inspire the engineering team at Nickelfox.

Debolena Bose, Associate VP - Brand and Marketing

Debolena Bose

Associate VP – Brand and Marketing

Debolena Bose is a seasoned marketing strategist armed with a wealth of experience across renowned organizations and a rich academic background. 

She has over 14 years of experience in brand building and digital marketing. With an Executive Program in Strategic Digital Marketing from Cambridge Judge Business School, and a PG in Journalism and Mass Communication from Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), Debolena’s expertise spans content and social media marketing, online community management, public speaking, and client networking, showcasing her comprehensive understanding of the online environment. 

As an Associate Vice President – Brand and Marketing at Nickelfox Technologies, Debolena continues to be a driving force in the company’s digital success. Prior to her role in Nickelfox, Debolena worked with PwC India, and two verticals of InfoEdge India Ltd ( and, where she contributed significantly to various facets of digital strategy.

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