Hire Dedicated Teams For Your Product Development

Bring the weight to your idea by hiring dedicated teams for all your product development requirement. We offer top industry experts on board for your projects that deliver quality outcomes in the productive manner.

Why Hire Dedicated Teams?

Whether you require native app developers or the whole team for your digital transformation, dedicated software developers are always an efficient option.

Rated Top 5 Best UI/UX Agency Image

Rated Top 5 Best UI/UX Agency

Nickelfox is recognized among the top 5 agencies for UI/UX services across the Globe. We ensure to impress the clients with amazing designs that can also have an impression on thier potential audience as well

Budget-friendly Model Image

Budget-friendly Model

Hiring dedicated development teams for your project will help you save a lot from in-house development costs. As they will be your dedicated employees, so they will work specifically on the tasks given by your management teams within the given time.

Less Dependency, More Control Over Dedicated Team Image

Less Dependency, More Control

Clients will have good control over the product development after we deploy the dedicated development teams. They can choose how the team can work with them and provide resources to keep the workflow smooth throughout the development.

Ease Of Collaboration Image

Ease Of Collaboration

The dedicated team model focuses on building long-term productivity goals and delivering the best outputs. We utilize modern project management tools like JIRA, ASANA, Slack,Trello, and various other options for keeping work transparent.

How Dedicated Development Team Setup Works?

From the very beginning, Nickelfox follows a qualitative approach to deploying the most needed experts. We ensure to have the best teams onboard while maintaining the communication crystal clear.


Understanding Requirements

Initially, the kick-off meeting starts by explaining the core requirements of the business to the clients, and then we list down the crucial factors that can help us deploy the best teams.


Gathering The Experts

Once we evaluate and structure the roadmap for the client’s requirements, we assemble a team of experts that can deliver expected the end product within the given timeline


Team Collaborations

The teams will then collaborate to create a simplified and productive workflow. They will coordinately work towards the end goal of the enterprise.


Continuous Reporting & Monitoring

We keep an eye on the dedicated team throughout project management and product development. Our primary focus is to keep the quality of work and productivity consistent.


Expected Outcome

Hiring dedicated software development teams will help you get the expected product and that within a cost-saving manner, while experiencing top-notch quality throughout.

How We’re Different?

98% Client Satisfaction Score Image

98% Client Satisfaction

Nickelfox believes in providing a quality experience, and that’s why we are impressive for our global clients in providing top-notch services.

90% Professionals of Our Dedicated Development Team Have 7+ Experience Image

90% Professionals With 7+ Experience

Our dedicated development teams are filled not with just rookies, but the experts who can mold an idea into innovative business solutions.

10% Employee Turnover Rate Image

10% Employee Turnover

We have maintained a strong withhold with our clients in terms of professionalism and collaboration throughout the product development.

Flexibility With Team Size Image

Flexibility With Team

Clients have the choice to scale the team according to the project and customize their requirements to avoid any unnecessary halts in the future.

Hiring a dedicated development team helps 70% Reduced Expenses Image

70% Reduced

Hiring a dedicated development team helps you save expenses from workspaces, equipment, unnecessary bills, and a lot more.

100+ software development and digital transformation experts Image

100+ Digital Transformation Experts

We laid the foundation with more than 100 software development and digital transformation experts that can transform your vision into reality

Dedicated Team Models That We Serve

Full-service dedicated team Image

Full-service dedicated team

Experience the top-notch performance of our end-to-end development, testing, and managed IT, teams. We have attained a level where you feel reliable with us and believe in our process at every stage. Our focus is stable on quality and productivity simultaneously in accordance with your requirements.

On-demand dedicated team Image

On-demand dedicated team

We are always ready to deploy skilled experts for your projects that need rapid product development and other managed IT services. Our dedicated development teams go under agile methodology to overcome every challenge. Our assurance to keep the pace alive is well-versed with the accurate measures established to nurture your business goals.

Maintenance dedicated team Image

Maintenance dedicated team

Keep your digital assets (mobile and web applications) productive and efficient always with our maintenance dedicated team. We ensure the consistency of your deployed products and adopt an improved methodology to keep the working of products consistent. Our dedicated development teams are always ready to take up any challenge during the process.

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