Digitalizing Wellness with Innovative HealthTech Solutions

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Revamping ways of wellbeing with next-generation Healthtech Solutions

A tech-inspired squad of experienced developers and designers working together in harmony to infuse cutting-edge digital technology in healthcare that captures wellbeing through out-of-the-league mobile and web applications.

Innovative healthtech solutions at your fingertips. Want to discuss your ideas?

Our Custom Healthtech Solutions include

In an effort to democratize the use of technology in health and wellness services, Nickelfox has developed a proprietary platform that combines developers and designers who work together to create one-of-a-kind mobile applications for individual clients.

Whether looking for a healthcare software that keeps track of your calorie intake or looking for an app that supports maintaining a fitness routine, we at Nickelfox can develop features customized to your healthcare services and the needs of the targeted virtual community. Our apps are easy to use and intuitive and can turn out to be the perfect in-pocket utility for streamlining the general healthcare processes.

Custom Healthcare Software Development
Mental Health App Development

Experienced health app developers and designers make Nickelfox a proud hub of experts to develop your mental health app. We have developed mental health aps of different mental health genres ranging from mood tracking to symptom monitoring and anxieties management to general mental wellbeing. Let us know your mental health app idea, we can help it reach the right app store and users in the form of a feature-rich and well-functional app.

Is your brick-and-mortar fitness facility or gym setting limiting your freach to your prospects? You better bet on a health and fitness app. If you nod in affirmation, a custom health and fitness app development expert can be your buddy to help you along the way. We are a full-service app development company at Nickelfox and boast a team of experienced developers to design an app in line with your preferences for features and functionalities.

Health and Fitness App Development
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

Looking for an electronic health record (EHR) application to keep track of your patients’ data at your healthcare facility? We can design an EHR system customized to your need and size of your healthcare facility. We understand the features that need to be integrated into an EHR application and have got resources on board to design an easy- and anywhere-to-access patients’ data tracking tool aligning your needs.

Telehealth & Telemedicine App Development

Are you looking to reach out to and help patients beyond your physical clinical setting? Whether you want an app for remote consulting or looking for switching to cloud for 24×7 availability, Nickelfox brings you the technical aid you needed for ap development. We with our telehealth and telemedicine app development expertise can help you break the barriers by designing an app aligning your purpose.

Medical IoT Solutions

Medical IoT Solutions

Internet of things (IoTs) are the new addition to the technology grid aimed at empowering healthcare delivery. We at Nickelfox work with expert developers and designers to expand this technology grid by developing intuitive IoT applications. If you are looking to expand your app access to your users through an IoT app, Nickelfox is well worth considering as technology partner.

Pharmacy Management Software Development

Pharmacy is a big marketplace with a wide user base. However, managing in-pharmacy operations and capturing the attention of this big user-base even with a well-equipped physical facility is beyond any possibility. Pharmacy management software can be a valuable tool to tackle the challenge, and we, being a pharmacy software development expert, can be your all the help needed.

Pharmacy Management Software Development
Health Analytics and Business Intelligence

Health Analytics and Business Intelligence

Managing the routine tasks at a healthcare facility with an app can not only save time but improve overall productivity. Moreover, this minimizes the chances of any error occurring in place. Having an app integrated with health analytics and business intelligence tool can help derive insights for optimized operations while giving you an edge with data-driven decision making.

We develop high-end healthtech solutions that deliver results.

Why Nickelfox for Healthtech Solutions?

Nickelfox provides end-to-end custom healthtech software solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients. Our clients rely on us for:


We at Nickelfox are a proud pool of professionals having expertise in developing and designing applications in line with our clients’ specific requirements. The web apps or the mobile applications we develop for clients not only promise intuitive interfaces for easy accessibility of the app but also integrate a secure architecture for the security of the app and users’ data.


We at Nickelfox offer software development services at the call of our clients from the healthcare industry, all aligned to their purpose. We understand the diverse demands of our clients and always call for customization when developing web or mobile applications for them.


Compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR is critical to ensuring patient privacy and data security. At Nickelfox, we understand these regulations and design our solutions to comply with them, ensuring that your patient data is secure and protected.

Personalized Approach

Our team of tech experts comprises developers and designers who utilize a personalized approach to understand the unique needs of clients. We then design and develop custom health and wellness software solutions tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

Agile Development

Agility sists at the core of healthtech app development process which combines close collaboration with the clients, flexibility to scale up pr down as per the project requirements, and rapid iterations as and when required.

Ongoing Support

We believe in bonding with our clients till eternity with our lifetime after-launch maintenance and support services. We promise our clients ongoing support for the app we develop for them with continuous app updates, regular bug fixing and any other on-demand assistance.

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Empower your business with a custom healthtech software solutions

As one of the leading healthtech consulting companies, Nickelfox helps organizations develop innovative digital health technologies for businesses in the health and wellness spheres. Contact us today to learn more about our healthtech solutions and how we can help your organization improve patient outcomes and drive operational efficiency.

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