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Hire MEAN Stack developers from Nickelfox to create enterprise-level web applications. Our remote MEAN Stack developers have the skills and experience to generate impactful business for emerging start-ups and major corporations globally.

Our MEAN Stack Developers’ Expertise

MEAN Stack developers at Nickelfox, one of the top IT companies in India, can provide solutions to help your businesses, startups, and enterprises scale greater heights.

Dedicated MEAN stack developers

Hire dedicated MEAN Stack developers, who know how to effectively mould the flexibility Mongo/NoSQL offers as per customer’s needs. A uniform backend and frontend stack offered by these makes websites easy to maintain.

Custom CMS development

We provide end-to-end solutions to make sure the content projection of the client is aligned with the expectation of the consumers. Our team of offshore MEAN Stack coders has more than 10 years of experience building scalable, flexible, and interactive CMS for businesses, small and large.

MEAN stack enterprise development

Utilising the latest tools and procedures in the industry, we can develop from scratch specialized enterprise-grade app solutions. You can count on our cutting-edge MEAN Stack development approaches to create scalable and efficient solutions.

MEAN stack migration & integration

Our skilled MEAN Stack developers integrate in-house technologies and related components to produce scalable, functional applications. We can assist in migrating an application created on another stack or updating an aging tech to the latest version, and handle technical debt for you to scale your business.

MEAN stack e-commerce development

Our expert MEAN Stack developers can help you build faster, more responsive, and scalable e-commerce websites. We provide end-to-end solutions and build cost-effective, flexible websites covering both frontend and backend aspects of website development.

MEAN stack maintenance services

We administer MEAN Stack web apps for all of our clients according to a well-established maintenance and upgrade schedule.

What makes us stand apart?

Hire our capable, dependable, and talented MEAN Stack developers to help you build effective, agile, scalable web applications that meet all your business solutions.

Hire Software Developers from India for Custom Software Development Services

Capability & competence

Profit from the expertise of our MEAN Stack developers who utilize the most recent technologies and tools and are proficient in JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, and Express. We have experience building user interfaces with Angular.

Agile approach

Our agile development methodology which includes iterative development, ongoing testing, continuous application delivery, and a collaborative approach among others is popular with our clients and effectively helped us in the completion of projects with client satisfaction.

End-to-end services

Get complete MEAN Stack development services with experience in all of the development stack’s technologies.

Seamless communication

For every project, we ensure seamless communication between the client and the MEAN Stack developer. We have a robust and effective project management system in place and expert team members are overseen and supervised by our talented and experienced project managers.

Trust & transparency

Gain access to our project management tools to receive regular updates on the project’s status and the activities of the developers.

Business-centric solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions that are focused on your business’s particular difficulties and needs.

Our flexible engagement models

Our services, solutions, and resources can be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of your company.

Hire Fixed Price MEAN Stack Developers

Fixed pricing

The fixed pricing approach establishes a fixed price estimate at the beginning of the project and calls for precise projections of development costs and project durations. It is designed for start-ups and small businesses.

Hire Hourly Rate MEAN Stack Developers


The hourly basis or pay-as-you-go model is best suited for projects that may need significant additions and adjustments later on. This model is feasible for large businesses looking for support services.

Hire Dedicated MEAN Stack Developers

Dedicated hiring

As the name suggests, with this engagement model, you hire an entire team or a developer to work solely on your project. It is appropriate for projects that are less likely to have constant additions or adjustments. The approach works well for medium- and large-sized businesses.

Want to hire a resource to work with you?

Our seamless process of hiring MEAN Stack Developers

To avoid problems before the induction process, Nickelfox makes sure to hire MEAN Stack engineers using the simplest and most accommodating procedure.

Share your requirements

Outline your requirements for us. Our team of skilled business analysts will examine them and recommend a suitable solution model that will fit your needs.

Discussion of details

When our representative gets back to you, you can discuss your project in detail. After settling all of the issues, we will compile a list of resources appropriate for your project’s needs.

Finalize the team

To help you choose a MEAN Stack developer or team to work on your project, we narrow down our team’s best developers based on your needs.

Kick-off & begin

You can hire the developers or team to work on your project by paying the necessary upfront fees once these specifics have been determined.

Business benefits of hiring MEAN Stack Developers from us

MEAN Stack is the top option for developing enterprise-level applications as web applications built on it are more effective, adaptable, scalable and cost-effective.

Lightning fast performance

We have engineering talent to integrate the latest Mongo and related techs which ensures the best performance for your website. We know how to optimize Angular applications to deliver quality performance on even weaker machines.

JavaScript compatibility

Applications produced with this tech stack have higher compatibility than those built with other tech stacks since MongoDB, Angular, and NodeJS are JavaScript-based platforms and frameworks.

Advanced database

Because we use NoSQL/Mongo DB, our applications offer high flexibility and high maintainability. We have experience working on the latest version of Mongo DB, and supporting technologies that offer high availability, monitoring and backup through write-ahead logging.

Full security

Our MEAN stack applications are incredibly secured with encryption, SSL and CSRF, ensuring high security.

Highly flexible

With MongoDB, MEAN Stack applications may be hosted in the cloud. The process of writing code in Node and then moving it to Angular is quite straightforward.


Applications built on the MEAN Stack are adaptable and work with a wide range of hardware and technologies. The application can be tested and run with few problems

Hire the best MEAN stack developers to start your next MEAN stack project

Frequently Asked Questions

Gain a deeper understanding of our procedures and operations by reading the frequently asked questions by our clients below.

What will be the cost of hiring a MEAN stack developer?

The pricing estimate to hire MEAN stack developers depends on a several variables including the years of experience, level of skill, and project demand.

How do I communicate with the hired MEAN stack developer?

With us, you’ll be able to maintain total control over your project’s remote MEAN Stack engineers. You may connect and interact with the hired resources directly via Trello, Jira, Slack, or any other platform you prefer.

Do you sign NDA to protect project’s information and credentials?

Yes, we do. It is important to us that all information shared by the client is safe and secure. We are committed to addressing the operational demands of our clients and dedicated to producing quality results.

How long does it take to finish a MEAN stack project?

A MEAN Stack development project typically takes 6–10 weeks to complete. However, depending on your project requirements the duration can be shorter or longer. We have a complete team of competent resources at Nickelfox to assist you in the fastest way possible.

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