UI/UX Design

Crafting Designs that are Desirable

Crafting Designs that are Desirable
Nickelfox's expert UI/UX design team lives and breathes the client's concept – gaining insights from key stakeholders and the market at large, so that they can develop the client's idea with confidence. Being a best UI/UX design company we explore business-boosting concepts before taking them to market – with robust testing, project predictions and expert road mapping. We combine human empathy and insightful data to make user experience delightful.

Our process helps businesses to simplify complex products/ideas and leads to classy, edgy, easy-to-use solutions that customers love. We help our clients to stand out and achieve success in capturing their share of the market.

Here Is How We Roll?

  • - UX Research
  • - Competitive Analysis
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Logo & Brand Identity
  • - Road mapping
  • - Product Design
  • - User Experience
  • - Preparing Design Language/Style Guide
  • - Wireframing & Flows
  • - Visual Design
  • - Prototyping & Interaction
  • - Ship Wireframes
  • - Design Language
  • - Brand guidelines
  • - UI Design for Development

How do our UI/UX services help businesses succeed?

Repeat Business and Customer Retention

By providing a great user experience through our designs on client’s concept, we help them give delightful experience to their customers. A good UX design makes the entire process smoother for users which makes them come back for repeat business.

Dedicated UI/UX Team of Experts

We have a combined team of experienced and fresh brains who are an enthusiastic bunch of explorers, designers, strategists, thinkers and developers. Experienced ones bring legacy & culture and freshers bring new perspective & approach. They work together dedicatedly to bring synergy and new life to a concept.

Helpful in Generating More Business

A great design gives life to a concept-resulting in successful businesses. We take care of Design Thinking, so that our clients can focus on strategy and operations.

Design Tools We Work On

Design :



Adobe XD



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

App Design Services

App Design Services

Web Design Services

Web Design Services

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