Trusted IT Staff Augmentation Services in India & USA
Trusted IT Staff Augmentation Services For Your Business

Trusted IT Staff Augmentation Services in India & USA

We provide IT staff augmentation services with talented professionals who believe in delivering quality outcomes and hassle-free management.
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Awards & Global Recognitions

Why choose Nickelfox for IT Staff Augmentation Services

Scale your business with the most valuable and cost-efficient IT staff augmentation services. We focus on our client’s vision and work on the most innovative models to reach their business goals.

Tech-Oriented Experts from India

Tech-oriented experts

Whether you need a mobile app or full-fledged enterprise software, you will meet a team of dedicated experts who know how to craft an idea into a real-time product.

Complete on-board support

Complete on-board support

Starting from the introduction and business meets we initiate the quality support while onboarding the clients, and allowing them to smooth transitions.

Fluent processes

Fluent processes

We believe in proactive collaboration, mutual communication, and efficient process management. We keep the flow simplistic to keep the interaction productive.

Time Zone Complied

Timezone complied

Our teams are always ready to work according to required time zone, and never disappoint you with any constraint related to worldwide regions.

Simplified Staff Augmentation Methodology

Nickelfox implements a systematic and flexible approach while deploying staff augmentation services. We make sure to provide the right teams that have the expertise on the required client’s project.

Understanding the vision

As our collaboration starts, we begin to evaluate the core requirements of the clients and then create a roadmap before deploying 360-degree staff augmentation services.

Selection of best experts

By understanding the core requirements, we segment the experts on the basis of their skills and create a team who are passionate to serve their best solutions.

Ease of documentation

After we select the candidates to deploy at our client’s services, we keep the documentation process quick and easy to avoid any delayed start or conjunction.

Post-deployment support

Once our deployed teams start working on the project, we keep an eye on every crucial factor to maintain productivity and ROI throughout the project.

Core benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

More Cost-Savings IT Staff Augmentation Services

More cost-savings

IT Staff augmentation services work well in terms of cost efficiency and getting more ROI while maintaining the quality development of your product.

No Recruitment overheads for Team Augmentation

No recruitment overheads

Once you share your team augmentation requirements with us, you’ll be free from lengthy recruitment and onboarding processes once and for all.

Reduced Operational Costs Staff Augmentation Services

Reduced operational costs

While you require to pay for various other infrastructure expenses, staff augmentation services help you avoid all of them with minimal management

Hassle-free IT staff Augmentation Processes

Sustainable processes

IT staff augmentation services come with minimal stress for complex paperwork and legalities and act as an efficient way to build your business product.

Hands-on Expertise

Hands-on expertise

Our team of experts will coordinate regularly with your team to keep the workflow consistent and productivity maintained until they reach your end goals.

Enhanced Productivity & Assured Outcomes for All your IT Needs

Enhanced productivity

Experience the best in industry professionals for all your IT needs, and keep the pace of your business growth consistent with our staff augmentation services.

Values that our Staff Augmentation solution work upon

On Target Minimal Errors

Minimal errors

Nickelfox works more towards creating mindblowing experiences for the clients and refining the strategies according to their goals. Our teams set different parameters to enhance the productivity of their work and impress the management personnel with error-free solutions.

Best IT Staff Augmentation Services with Professionalism at Top

Professionalism at top

Our competence in the industry is well-known for being committed to quality. While we eye to building long-term technology partnerships, we keep our ethics cooperative and dedicated to you. Our true potential lies in deploying the best IT staff augmentation services and not just completing the projects.

IT Staff Augmentation Services Across India, USA, Australia and UK

Global interactions

We’re not just restricted to one or two regions across the globe, as we are currently serving worldwide. Our teams are handling multiple projects with different requirements and we’re looking forward to serving more enterprises, startups, SMEs, and scaling businesses.

Numbers that speak more than words



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What some of our Amazing Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our procedures and how we work by reading the following frequently asked questions from our clients.

What is staff augmentation?

It is a simple concept of adding more professionals to your team on an on-demand basis. You can choose the number of experts according to the project or your business goals and save a lot of expenses. The professionals you will hire will work within a specific timeline that will be chosen by your enterprise.

How does staff augmentation work?

When you share your requirements with us, we start screening candidates that will work on your project. Once you approve their addition to your team, we will deploy them and allot their resources to work. Moreover, all the paperwork, policies, and legalities will be handled by our experts to avoid any delay in the process.

How much does staff augmentation cost?

The cost of staff augmentation services will depend on the number of experts you will hire and for how much time. Once we know about your requirements and understand the project, we calculate the actual pricing of the resources to be deployed with overall estimations.

How much does Nickelfox help with staff augmentation services?

We have a clear understanding of the staff augmentation deployment process, as we have done it a lot of times for global clients. We ensure to clearly evaluate your project details and provide on-hand details with a transparent structure. From onboarding to serving the solutions, we keep the workflow maintained with crystal clear communication and management.