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Hire Highly Skilled Developers & Designers

Hire Highly Skilled Developers & Designers
Being a product development expert we have been working with various companies. We have done a detailed study of their complex processes and structures. While executing projects, we have seen companies suffering from a technology skills shortage. To achieve the project goals, we have been providing our technical experts as an extension to our client’s team. Our on demand developers have done amazing work and have fetched us appreciation from our most precious clients. We have worked with clients like Generali Insurance, Inito, Aptihealth, United Nations, Oklahoma University etc.).

Such experiences made us realise that in the ever changing dynamics of the business world, companies have to keep modifying their business model and processes. To keep up with the pace, they always need technologically advanced resources. It is difficult for companies to timely onboard a team that has the right skill-sets and aptitude to fit in their budget. Maintaining such expensive full time resources can be another challenge.

We at Nickelfox are taking such challenges head on with our staff augmentation services . Our team of technical experts seamlessly become part of the core team and deliver performance as per the needs.

Why are Companies Moving Towards Staff Augmentation?

Recruitment is a Tedious Process

Entire process of researching for a good candidate, conducting background checks, shortlisting the right one, interviewing them all and finally selecting takes a lot of effort in terms of time, cost and energy. This is where Nickelfox, Staff Augmentation expert company can help. We have inhouse technical experts with varying experience level & skills in different technologies who can be onboarded with ease.

Saves Efforts on Payroll Management

Working with a staff augmentation company helps businesses to save their efforts on the entire payroll management system. This makes it easier if the resource requirement changes on the go.

Cost Saving

Most important benefit of this staff augmentation model is cost saving. Maintaining a full time resource with salary, employee benefits, paid leaves etc, adds up to a lot of out flow of working capital. There is already so much to manage, saving this part of cost helps businesses to concentrate more on product and business strategies. Working remotely also adds to savings.

Highly Flexible Option

We at NickelFox make sure our clients get the best matching profile of remote resources they are looking forward to hiring. We also make sure that during the project whenever a client feels like replacing any resource, we have a backup ready to on-board in no time.

Freedom to Expand or Shrink

In the dynamic environment, when planning to hire dedicated resources, businesses sometimes want to test their capabilities or want to expand or shrink business size, we have them covered. With us by their side, they can leverage flexible hiring to scale their business on a trial basis without making investments on the full-fledged workforce.

Our Process of providing Resource Augmentation Services

Matching a client's expectations is how we maintain quality. Therefore quality is the by-product of our continuous efforts.

Requirement Gathering

Start-Ups: We conduct a detailed study of the business type. On the basis of the nature of the business, we find out the gaps in terms of the scope of work and available resources.

Established Companies: These companies already have resources in place but as the business grows, the need to hire dedicated resources grows as well. We gather the requirement to understand specific needs in terms of skill sets required.

Candidate Review & Profile Matching

The gathered information helps us scan the suitable candidate. We match them on the basis of their expertise, knowledge of the particular domain and availability.

Candidate Interview

Once we match the candidate at our level, we arrange another round of interviews with our client. This helps us to be doubly sure and also leads to client satisfaction. Ensuring full transparency throughout the process.

Contract Signing

In this step we clearly specify all our conditions, cost involved and duration for which our resource will be deployed at the client's project. Client also shares his contract with his conditions of on-boarding a resource.

Candidate On-boarding

Client on-boards the resource-with team introduction. The candidate is assigned his roles and duties which he has to perform to the best of his capabilities.

Persistent Support and Nurture

Staff augmentation process does not end here. Once the candidate is successfully on-boarded, we provide further support to our client and our resource by making sure that both are satisfied. We also make sure that the skill sets of our resources are polished and up to date. We keep training them with new technologies and trends in Technology.

Technologies We Work On

Design :



Adobe XD



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Web-Development :



Python Django

Mean Stack


Python Flask




React js







HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript

Dev Ops :


Google Cloud


Mobile Application :



Objective C




React Native


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