Hire Back-end Developers
Hire Back-End Developers

Hire Back-end Developers

Hire Nickelfox's skilled back-end developers to attract more clients and grow your business. We build scalable, durable, and secure back-end solutions with a team of top back-end developers.
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Top Back-End Development Services from Nickelfox

Hire back-end developers from Nickelfox  and avail top-notch back-end development services to meet your business needs. Our developers are skilled in using tools like SQL, NoSQL, and ORM, among others, to build secure, functional, and efficient server-side web applications. Rely on the expertise of our top team of developers and gain bug-free applications with no technical glitches.

Node.js back-end Development

Node.js development

As it is a superfast JavaScript runtime, Node.js is an excellent platform to create real-time apps, IoT, and microservices. Its event-driven, single-threaded design can support multiple connections and is great for building APIs.

Django back-end Development

Django development

A Python-based framework called Django can handle any project, from a straightforward website to a web application that handles a lot of traffic. It promotes quick development and offers a unique naming scheme for all its features.

Python back-end Programming


We have built a reputation as a top Python programming firm by creating a wide range of online applications, from simple web-based solutions to huge and complicated systems.

Golang Back-end Development

Golang development

Golang is a reliable system-level programming language that may be used to create complex distributed systems and large-scale network servers. For quick compilation and execution, it integrates simple coding, effective code compilation, and effective execution.

Hire back-end developers for efficient, fast, and scalable solutions for your company.

Our Backend Development Services

Hire Back-end Developers Expert In Databases

Database programming

We specialised in working with Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, ORACLE 12C, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, DB2, and many more databases. As a top back-end development service firm, we have top developers experienced in handling back-end applications.

Hire Backend Developer Expert in Servers Side Scripting

Servers side scripting

Our developers are skilled in programming languages such as Python, NodeJS, Ruby, and Java which helped them build dynamic web applications. Moreover, they are always aware of the latest industry trend in server-side scripting and can deliver all your back-end requirements.

Application Re-Engineering

Application re-engineering

To replicate views, displays, and processes in the back-end framework, our developers employ cutting-edge reengineering techniques. We can help you customize and scale your existing applications utilizing your existing process.

Hire back-end developers expert in APIs

Programming and integration for APIs

Our developers are experts in integrating aged applications with current back-end trends. Hire back-end developers from Nickelfox to smoothly integrate third-party interfaces with your existing apps.

Benefits of Hiring Back-end Developers from Nickelfox

Apart from getting top-notch back-end developers when you choose Nickelfox, you also get the added benefit of team members skilled in communication for seamless project development.



No independent resource

We have qualified and experienced back-end developers employed full-time to meet all your project requirements. You get the finest service from our team of skilled, experienced developers who takes pain to deliver your projects on schedule.



Back-end developers without hassle

When you hire back-end developers from Nickelfox, they operate as in-house employees for you and ensure the smooth delivery of your projects from the start. Our hand-picked, top-notch programmers make every effort to provide error-free code with zero hassle.



Optimal back-end procedure

Our back-end developers employ automation systems to examine the code. Besides, they have a wide range of knowledge in utilising tools for quick deployment.



Multiple offers in one window

Our back-end programmers have experience with cutting-edge technologies like BI, web, and mobile back-ends. When you choose to work with Nickelfox, you have made the right choice.

Steps To Hire Back-end Developers

How to hire a back-end developer with Nickelfox?

Step 1


Share your project specifications

Share your project requirement with us. We will evaluate it and provide a general timeframe, suitable resources, tech stack, etc. along with the estimated cost.

Step 2


Examine our applicants

After vetting our applicants for compatibility with your needs, choose the ideal applicant for your team.

Step 3


Sign a contract and get started.

We sign a non-disclosure agreement and the resource is assigned to your team to begin the project.


Why Nickelfox?

Utilise a world-class staff and infrastructure.


Authentic Development Tools


Years of Expertise


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Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our procedures and how we work by reading the following frequently asked questions from our clients.

What does a back-end developer do?

Back-end developers are responsible for designing and directing the technology that allows websites to handle data and carry out tasks. They work on server-side tasks like data storage and security as opposed to front-end developers, who are in charge of everything you can see on a website.

How do I hire a back-end developer?

To get a competitive edge in the industry, hire back-end developers from Nickelfox. We have easy, straightforward hiring models that will suit any business size. Our highly qualified developers will be at your side to help you scale your business.

What is the difference between front-end and back-end development?

The front and back ends of a website are developed by different teams of developers. Programming focused on the user-interactive, visual elements of a website or app is front-end development (the client side). On the other hand, back-end development concentrates on the area of a website or an app that users cannot observe (the server side).

What is a good hourly rate for a back-end developer?

At Nickelfox, we have a range of pricing and engagement models to suit every business size. Do share your project size and requirement with us and we will suggest the best options for you.

Will I have direct contact with the assigned developers?

At Nickelfox, we value open communication and transparency. Our developers have great communication skills which helped them to liaise effectively with clients and deliver their requests precisely.

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