Success Stories

Helping clients transform their business just the way they like


Mobile (iOS & Android) and Web App for Selling Beer Online

Hop Bike

Android App & Backend Admin Panel for Sellers Android App for Customers

Travel & Lifestyle

A Web and Mobile App to help Generali Insurance go completely paperless

Screen of Online SAS Based Supply Chain Management Platform - Scope Work

UI/UX Design of SAS based Supply Chain Digitization Platform

Infrastructure Services
Designed iOS and Android Apps for Inito Fertility Monitor

Retainer Engagement for UI/UX, Android & iOS App Development

Health Care
Ubirider - Agent of connection between travelers and mobility operators

Agent of connection between travellers and mobility operators.

Transportation/Travel Industry
Lily - An E-commerce Platform, Mobile Application

An E-commerce Platform, Mobile Application.

TabCare - Healthcare App Development for Elderly Care

Mobile (iOS & Android) App for elderly Care.

Health Care
Smartex - Web Development and UI

Smartex involved us with the requirement of Web Development and UI. They have been delighted with our quick delivery of projects.

Built a custom mobile app for Currinda

We built a custom mobile app for Currinda to provide interactive data accessibility where users can poll, take notes, etc.

Business Services
Mobile application development for Newlywd

We supported their idea to help couples get married during Covid with our mobile application development.

Web development and UI/UX design for the Client

The client leveraged our services for web development and UI/UX design and found the results noteworthy.

Business Services
Website and mobile application development for the client

We developed a website and mobile application for the client and were recognised to produce solid results.

Hospitality & Leisure
iOS App Dev for Restaurant Recommendation Platform

We helped the client deliver healthy and home-like food through a mobile app for iOS.

Food & Beverages