Hire NodeJS Developers India
Hire Node.JS Developers from our talented pool

Hire NodeJS Developers India

We ensure scrum-based execution when you hire skilled Node.js developers from Nickelfox.
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Hire NodeJS Developers in India from Nickelfox.

Hire NodeJS developers in India from our team of top developers. We work closely with you to understand business requirements and implement technical best practices to develop quick and scalable apps.

Custom Node.js development

Hire NodeJS developers in India from Nickelfox have strong experience in creating backend solutions that specifically suit your business demands.

Real-Time application development

Our Node.JS development experts know to utilise the technology to efficiently work on your real-time application.

Plugin development

Hire our experienced Node.JS programmers in India for plugin development and increase the functionality of your website and apps.

Node.js migration

Hire Node developers and switch from your outdated backend framework to Node to benefit from its single-threaded asynchronous features. To leverage Node’s single-threaded asynchronous features, hire Node.JS developers and replace your out-of-date backend framework.

Maintenance and support

Throughout the entire development process, our Node.JS developers remain at your support. They concentrate on offering regular updates to keep things transparent.

Node.js consulting

We also provide Node.JS consulting to assist you in creating quick and scalable online applications. We utilize open-source, cross-platform, and JavaScript runtime environments for architecture analysis.

What Makes Nickelfox a Better Choice Among NodeJS Companies in India

When you hire NodeJS developers in India from Nickelfox, you can rest assured that they will efficiently handle the management and administrative duties of your project. They assist you in scaling up your business with improved digital solutions.

Hire Software Developers from India for Custom Software Development Services

Dedicated team players

We are committed to delivering the finest solutions to our clients and we employ a team of full-time developers to achieve this goal. Along with the quality, we ensure that we meet the strict timelines for delivery.

Hassle-free hiring

Our team of Node.JS developers can start working on your project right away. They will function like your internal staff operating remotely, and provide error-free code for seamless execution.

Vast tech expertise

Our Node.JS developers provide an array of solutions for web apps, product development, mobile games, e-commerce apps, security, database management, etc.

Business-oriented practices

Our Node.JS developers follow agile development methodologies to ensure success. For a seamless development process, we use the CICD method to ensure the continuous delivery of development projects.

Transparent cost model

Our transparent cost models help you avail services based on your budget. By maintaining clear pricing and methods to develop projects we ensure that you can rely on us freely.

Flexibility in time zones

Our team remains available in your time zones to work with you, communicate with you, and maintain a healthy project flow.

Most Flexible & Business-oriented Hiring Models

Our team has the technical expertise and can meet your business needs quickly. When you collaborate with us, rest assured you are hiring people who deliver efficient results and help you swiftly align your business processes.

Managed Team for Nodejs Project

Managed team

In this model, you receive a dedicated team and a manager that solely handles your Node.JS project. The entire team together takes full responsibility to meet the project expectations.

Hire Our Node.JS Engineers

Client-side deployment

You can extend your internal team by hiring our Node.JS engineers or project managers, who will assist you throughout the development process.

Node.Js Developers Hybrid Team

Hybrid model

In this model, the client can hire and have access to a team of developers from any location. The model is suitable for hiring developers for both on-site and remote locations.

How Our Hiring Process Works?


Tell us your Node.js development needs


Share your project requirements mentioning the tech stack, project specifications, and other relevant information. The information will help us share a price estimate with you.


Meet & interview skilled developers


Our team will match your request to the tech experts in our team who can work on your project. You can interview the shortlisted candidates and select the ones who best suit your demands.


Collaborate & start building


Once the project starts, we loop you in for every discussion. We are transparent about the work progress and feedback implementation. Our team delivers results that go beyond your expectations.

Partner With Professionals When it Comes to Node.js Dev.

Share your project requirements today.

Hire developers to create your project successfully

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our procedures and how we work by reading the following frequently asked questions from our clients.

Can I hire developers of my choice?

Yes! Once we assess your project requirements and shortlist the candidates that match the demands, you can set up interviews with them to select the Node.JS developers of your choice.

What if I am not satisfied with the Node.js developer?

We ensure that all our NodeJS developers deliver their best. However, if you face challenges working with them, you can get in touch with our service manager to discuss the problems and get the issue resolved. We can also align another developer on your project.

How much will it cost to hire a Node.js developer from Nickelfox?

The cost of Node.js developers depends on a number of aspects, including customization, advanced features, plugin development, program complexity, technical team skill, and more. A clear mention of your project specifications will help us share a quote

Can I hire a Node.js developer for hourly or project based tasks?

Yes, you can hire a Node.JS developer on an hourly basis or for a specific project or assignment if you know what has to be done. We also offer the option to alter the hiring model down the road.