Hire Technical Architects
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Hire Technical Architects

Make sure your product has a strong foundation by using the best software architecture services, and then surprise your clients with an inventive user interface and durable background components.
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Hire Technical Architects to Gain Better Outcomes

Hire technical architects from Nickelfox to help you get better results. Our software solution architects will help you get better results. They will work with you to combine frameworks, languages, design specifications, and feature needs to create tech assets that are reliable from the outset. So, if you’re looking to build a team of skilled professionals for your next tech project, don’t hesitate to hire our technical architects.

Software Architecture Design

Architecture design

Using top-notch software architecture design and development services based on specifications, preferred frameworks, and languages, create a robust product from the ground up.

Architecture analysis

Architecture analysis

Redesign the environment in which the system is working by assessing, analyzing, and comprehending its operational capabilities, performance, security, and efficiency.

Architecture optimization

Architecture optimization

Integrate modifications and changes to current design seamlessly to remain current with demands of new technologies, features, surroundings, and functionalities.

Architecture engineering

Architecture engineering

Include industry-leading capabilities in the construction of business apps and systems while transferring legacy systems protected by impervious software design.

Agile & DevOps methodologies

Agile & DevOps methodologies

By collaborating and iteratively fine-tuning software design, Agile & DevOps methodologies sought to lower operation costs and shorten delivery timelines.

Expert technology architects

Expert technology architects

Using devoted technical professionals who are also thought leaders, expert technology architects can align and integrate high-value software architecture while also advancing new trends.

How our dedicated Technical Architects work?

Hire Technical Architects with Core understanding of requirements

Core understanding of requirements

To give the most appropriate architecture plan, we carefully assess your needs. Share with us all of your thoughts, objectives, and problems.

Detailed Digital System Design

Detailed digital system design

We map out each project in great detail to guarantee its dependability and excellence. You always have access to your architectural designs’ detailed plans.

Competitive edge in the market

Competitive edge in the market

Because we use a user-focused, customized approach, we create special designs and solutions for each client. Your architecture will be unique as a result.

Multiple scenarios for your solution

Multiple scenarios for your solution

We can modify the proposed architecture to fit different use cases based on your specifications. Again, good communication is crucial if you want the greatest software.

Seamless process our Architects follow

Whether you need assistance developing the product or fine-tuning your MVP idea, we can guide you through every stage of the procedure or provide support where it’s most needed.

Hire Technical Architects for Product Ideation

Product ideation

Our knowledgeable advisors assist you in converting your product concept into a workable commercial solution through facilitated seminars and sessions.

Product Definition

Product definition

We work with you to specify your product’s needs and use cases in order to create a solid product-market fit.



High-fidelity prototypes made by our specialists depict the user interface and operation of your system.

Hire Technical Architects for Detailed design

Detailed design

With a documented architecture and application design, we make sure the fundamentals are in place.

Build & validation

Build & validation

Our programmers construct code in stages, thoroughly test the end result, and refine your design to realize your vision.

Hire Technical Architects in India Expert in Product monitoring & support

Product monitoring & support

Our team can assist with scaling your product after launch and adding new features while supporting your maintenance requirements.

What makes Nickelfox a Reliable Choice?

To accelerate your growth and make your company more competitive, agile, and flexible, our architects combine a corporate vision, technological details, and practical project-level thinking.

Hire Software Developers from India for Custom Software Development Services

Balanced IT ecosystem

Through solution infrastructure, ambitious IT projects should be aligned with your complete business ecosystem. The best technique to increase their performance and productivity is through following an agile approach.

Lead by digital transformation

Such procedures necessitate a reevaluation of the value delivery strategy by your company. You can only do this if your business and technological priorities are in line.

Diminished IT risks

This is a concern if your software projects incorporate various frameworks, ambiguous specifications, and multiple products. Eliminating this is the responsibility of IT architects.

Cost-efficient solutions

Projects for the development of software use a lot of resources. Infrastructure for the solution stops emergencies and resource misallocation.

Enhanced communication

A communication bridge between the technical and non-technical team members will be provided by solution architects. As a result, your coworkers will collaborate more successfully.

Quick IT troubleshooting

Transparency is guaranteed, problem-solving procedures are streamlined, and troubleshooting is made easier with reliable solution infrastructure.

Pick from the best of professional IT talents for your solution architecture

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our procedures and how we work by reading the following frequently asked questions from our clients.

Do software architects write code?

Yes. Architects have the coding ability to maintain their proficiency in development, to keep in touch with the solutions they design. As some of their main activities aren’t related to coding only, so they don’t spend all the time writing code.

How does a software technical architect help our business?

Generally speaking, this service provides the fundamental structure of your software solution. It describes the complexity, relationships between the parts, specifications, architectural choices, and so forth. You can better comprehend your intended software after consulting on IT architecture.

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