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Keeping our purpose and people at the centre, always

Nickelfox was officially recognised as a Great Place To Work (GPTW) in June 2022. The dream to provide Dignified Employment to all received a formal acknowledgement. The happiest part of this milestone was that it was based on employee reviews. In a way, it was our people who voted us as a ‘great place to work’!

Our team’s trust is most important for us, as much as delivering solutions that impact society. We’ve always sought to know whether our team is happy and contended with their work. Whether they feel respected at work. Whether they do their job with a sense of purpose? Do they have enough learning opportunities? Do they see themselves growing?
We connected with our team and gathered authentic responses to these questions. Our people are our strength. They are the pillars on which our work culture rests. By understanding the kind of place, they would love to work in and feel proud of, we built a culture that kept people at the centre of our business.

Award Winners
Nickelfox's Team Members

The idea is to enable our people to bring their real selves to work. We believe no matter what services we offer, the most valuable gift we can give to the world is our own selves. Only when people can be genuinely themselves, can they contribute wholeheartedly and work towards creating a better society.
We opted for this certification to review our existing culture. And it gives us immense pleasure to realise that our work culture aligns with the expectations of our people. The Great Place To Work title isn’t just a badge for us, it is an acknowledegment that we are doing something meaningful. That our efforts are creating value in the lives of people. And that our team works with a sense of purpose and continues to be motivated to deliver solutions that create a better world.

Our GPTW Scorecard Looked Like This

Nickelfox crosses the benchmark by 2 points

We ranked among the India Top 50 – Great Mid-size Workplaces, ranking two points (91) above the benchmark (89).

Nickelfox crosses the benchmark by 2 points

Fairness Score

The stats of qualitative parameters fill us with pride. It shows that our people are fairly treated at Nickelfox regardless of age, gender, race or caste. On all parameters, we either meet or surpass the benchmark.

Fairness Score

Team Management Score

In terms of key strengths, we (ORG) have surpassed the benchmark (BM) by a substantial margin.

Team Management Score

Respect & Team Camaraderie Score

Respect, being the core value of Nickelfox, we blend well and set an example in collaboration. Remote work, or not – it won’t block our way to stay united.

Respect & Team Camaraderie Score

Qualitative Parameters of Work Culture

We were closely assessed in the given areas, and here’s what the demographics explain about our culture

Qualitative Parameters of Work Culture


91% of our people find the management credible for good communication, competence, and integrity. It implies that our team leads, and managers allow two-way dialogues for transparent communication within teams. Everyone feels comfortable approaching their managers for clarity in roles, and setting priorities, which in turn, promotes productivity.


Showing respect towards teammates isn’t just about valuing their work and deliverables, it is also about providing the right professional support. It is about appreciating one another’s accomplishments while paving a road for their individual development and success. We are glad to see 90% of our teammates feel respected working with us. To develop a healthy and respectful work culture, we have always included our teammates in the decisions that affect them. This ensures that our people are visible in areas they expect inclusivity.


Lack of discrimination keeps the team motivated as they are only assessed basis fair processes. We avoid favouritism at all cost and treat all our teammates uniformly. This ensures a fair chance for everyone and enables them to put their best foot forward at work. Fairness also helps avoid unnecessary distractions at workplace as people can focus on their tasks without having to defend themselves and engage in politics.


We keep our Mission – delivering the best IT services and impacting the society – at the centre of our business. Our entire team is aligned with our initiatives to improve the community where we live and work. We are together is our goal to deliver solutions to create a better world. We take pride in the services we offer and strive to do our best for our clients.


Good relations within and across the teams keeps the morale high. Everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. In Nickelfox, it is not uncommon to see one go from being work friends to close friends (and best friends) easily. The environment is friendly and all of us enjoy every bit of the togetherness at work.

Great Place To Work

It feels surreal to know that our people are happy and that our goal to provide #DignifiedEmployment is now formally recognized with the title of #GreatPlaceToWork.

We are proud of our team and together we are committed to deliver excellence to our clients in all our service areas.

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