Google’s ‘Circle to Search’ and ‘AI-Powered Overviews’ will Change How Users Explore Internet

What is Google's Circle to Search and AI-Powered Overviews?

Within the tech-driven landscape accelerated by AI, Google is once again at the forefront with the launch of its revolutionary search feature, ‘Circle to Search.’ The feature is sure to change the way we explore the internet, the way we search online information. The tech giant has recently introduced two groundbreaking features – ‘Circle to Search’ and ‘AI-powered overviews’ for multi-search in Lens.

Let’s uncover the specifics of Google’s ‘Circle to Search’ to comprehend how this innovation will redefine users’ search involvement and their approach to internet exploration.

What is Google’s ‘Circle to Search?’

Google’s Circle to Search is not just a feature; it’s a paradigm shift in how we interact with information on our Android devices. This innovative tool allows users to search for anything on their smartphone screens without switching between applications. The key lies in a simple gesture – circling, highlighting, scribbling, or tapping on the desired object.

Imagine watching an influencer’s video and wanting to identify the items showcased without tags. With Circle to Search, you can long-press the home button or navigation bar, activate the feature, and select the item using your preferred gesture. Instantly, relevant information about the highlighted object appears within the app, enabling you to explore similar options from various online retailers.

What is Google’s ‘AI-powered Overviews?’

Google’s ‘AI-powered Overviews’ revolutionize information exploration as it enables users to dig deeper into a plethora of content, spanning publishers, creators, retailers, businesses, and beyond. By harnessing this diverse information, individuals can effectively enhance their tasks.

Google Lens now incorporates AI into its visual search options with AI-powered Overviewes. Users can either use their camera, upload a photo, or submit a screenshot to Lens and inquire about what they see to receive generative AI-driven answers. This feature enhances the existing multi-search capabilities — it provides users AI-powered results with insights when using both text and image searches simultaneously.

Compatibility, Availability and Global Reach of these Tools

Google is rolling out ‘Circle to Search’ and ‘AI-Powered Overviewes’ initially on select premium Android devices like the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Series. This ensures that users with cutting-edge smartphones can enjoy this seamless search experience.

While the Circle to Search feature is initially launching on premium Android devices, the AI-powered overviews for multisearch in Lens are available to users in the United States. Users outside the US who have opted for SGE (Search Google Experiments) can preview this cutting-edge experience in the Google App.

AI-powered Capabilities of Google’s New Search Tools

One of the most exciting aspects of these updates is the integration of AI-powered overviews for multi-search in Lens. Users can now search with both text and images simultaneously, enhancing their understanding of concepts, ideas, or topics by pulling information from across the web.

As Google unveils these new features, it emphasizes that this is just the beginning. The company envisions making AI helpful for everyone and promises ongoing experimentation to introduce more AI applications into Search. Users are encouraged to enroll in Google Search and opt into the SGE experiment to try the latest capabilities.

Google's Approach to Privacy and Data Security

In an era where data privacy is paramount, Google emphasizes its commitment to user security. Circle to Search ensures that user data stays on the device until explicitly selected, triggering a Google search. This approach aligns with Google’s dedication to providing a trustworthy and secure search experience to users worldwide.

To give users more control over their data, Google has introduced an innovation feature in its browser which allows users the ability to easily remove the last 15 minutes of search history. This quick and user-friendly option empowers individuals to manage their privacy effectively.


As an AI development company, Nickelfox sees Circle to Search as a significant step forward in helping users express their needs and stay in context. The combination of multi-search and Circle to Search allows users to intuitively articulate their requirements—which makes the search experience more intuitive and natural.

Google’s Circle to Search marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of search capabilities. Prioritizing natural and intuitive interactions, these search features make on-the-go searches effortless while also giving importance to user privacy and control. Google’s dedication to refining the search experience ensures that users stay ahead in exploring information in the era of AI advancements.

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