App Design Services

App Design Services

We Innovate and Create Mobile App Designs to Build Engaging Experience on iOS and Android Platforms

The App Design Team at Nickelfox understands today’s customers and their expectations from an application. Customers expect mobile apps to be responsive, fast, easy to use, and delightful. Our expert team of mobile app designers takes into account every nitty gritties of users’ expectations and crafts eye-pleasing, smart designs for trending platforms like iOS and Android, along with various cross-platforms as well. Our competencies have ensured the success of hundreds of projects throughout our years of experience in this field.

Our Process:


Being an app design company we understand the importance of idea communication for the success of any project. Our team of expert ux designers works closely with the client’s team to understand the requirements and further document these requirements for brainstorming sessions. They ask various questions from the stakeholders which helps us understand the problem.

Research and Analysis

At this stage, our Design team uses the collected information to study the project requirements, analyze users’ behaviors, and conduct a competitive analysis. This study describes the desired functionality, mind maps, and user roles which are used to craft best suited solutions and awesome designs.

User Persona

Once we have all the information of the user’s expectations, we create a user persona. Creating a user person is very important for crafting a good solution. Personas are archetypical users which we create on the basis of the research in order to represent the different user types, characteristics, goals and pain points. Creating personas helps us understand end users’ needs, experiences, behaviours and goals.

User Journey Maps to Build Empathy

Gaining a perspective similar to the user’s. Creating personas helps our designers step out of themselves and recognize the needs of different people coming from different backgrounds. Our Design Team creates user journey maps to understand how users would use the product. While creating a user journey map we consider all possible usage scenarios, understand the problems that users might face, their emotions attached, and their experiences while using the product.

Competitive Analysis

Gaining strategic insights from the user journey map, our Design team conducts competitive analysis. Conducting competitive analysis helps us understand the landscape of solutions which is very crucial for the foundation of the solution we are planning to design.


Wireframing helps us create the basic structure of the product and acts as a cement to content architecture. Wireframes are used in the early design process, so it saves time and makes it much easier to incorporate changes or implement feedback at the wireframing stage. Wireframes supports app design in the later stage but does not take into account the color, visual elements and typography. Our Design team uses Sketch to create wireframes and then uploads them to InVision-to make it easier for our clients to review and share their suggestions.

Usability Testing

Our Design team conducts usability testing with real users on our clickable prototypes to attain valuable feedback on the app’s functionality. If users experience difficulties, then our design team revisits the list of potential solutions and strategies in order to establish new ways of solving the same problems.

Visual Style

At the visual styling stage, our Design team focuses on aesthetic appeal of the mobile app taking into account the requirement document. The expert team places elements carefully to create interfaces that optimize user experience to drive conversion. They create a couple of mockups for clients to choose from.

Our Mobiles App Services:


Mobile App UI/UX Design Services:

We help our clients in designing and ideating the user journey for the digital products. Our mobile UI/UX designers work on enhancing the user experience of end users. We help create breakthrough and intuitive designs, optimize and customize user interfaces as per the requirements of your target audience, and design simple layouts to meet your needs.


Hire App Designers (Staff Augmentation Services):

Hire mobile app designers on a retainer basis. Our designers will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver accordingly. This engagement is very transparent and the entire control remains in your hands. Our expert mobile app designers are well-trained to achieve perfection and quality in their final deliverables. Every project that we take on has a dedicated team of designers (depending upon the scope of the project), if required-a project manager, developers, testers, intricate road mapping, an in-depth kickoff meeting and after support.


Why choose Nickelfox Technologies for app development:


  • Highly Experienced Team: We have years of experience with an exceptional team of app designers. Their expertise will help create any kind of flexible mobile app you wish to create.


  • User Centered Designs: Our goal is to provide a delightful experience to our clients. Through rapid prototyping with the best team and modern tools, we craft beautiful designs that reflect your motivation and vision behind building this mobile app.


  • System Approach Style-Design Thinking: Following the system design approach our designers continually test, evaluate and refine ideas to ensure how your product will look, feel, and function. We believe that every building block impacts the end result. We focus on the bigger picture while designing smaller parts. This way our designs meet and exceed users’ needs.


  • Interactive Design Process: Our design process is iterative and translates efficiently to the final product. We develop a deep understanding of both the end user and our client while crafting flexible, usable, future-considerate designs.
    Right at the core of our mobile competencies, the UX and UI design goes with mobile app development. The major part of our services relies on cross-team communication and time-proven methods. It helps in easing out the entire process, from developing one prototype to releasing the application.

Why choose Nickelfox Technologies for iOS app development services:

Our background of experience allows us to offer an enriching perspective on technological choices as well as your business strategy. Our iOS app developers have extensive and deep expertise with all the tools, languages, and frameworks needed to craft a beautiful and reliable app powered by the latest tech. We offer the best iPhone app development services to our clients.