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Nickelfox Introduces Employee Car Lease Policy with Quiklyz

Nickelfox, a leading IT company in Noida, introduces car lease policy for its employees in partnership with Quiklyz

Noida, July 28— Nickelfox, a leading IT company based in Noida, is excited to announce the launch of Car Lease Policy for its employees in collaboration with Mahindra’s Quiklyz, one of the country’s leading automotive leasing solutions providers. This unique initiative aims to empower the company’s workforce with enhanced mobility options.

The new policy will enable Nickelfox employees to lease vehicles through Quiklyz, providing them with a hassle-free and cost-effective way to be proud car owners. The partnership combines Nickelfox’s commitment to employee welfare and Quiklyz’s expertise in providing comprehensive and flexible mobility solutions.

“As an organisation that prioritises the well-being and convenience of our employees, we are thrilled to introduce this progressive vehicle leasing program in collaboration with Mahindra’s Quiklyz,” said Ravindra Soni, one of the Founders of Nickelfox. “By offering this option, we not only seek to enhance our employees’ commuting experience but also develop a corporate culture that values the workforce.”

The vehicle leasing initiative by Nickelfox is designed to cater precisely to the preferences of its employees, providing them with a broad spectrum of vehicles from major automobile brands on attractive lease options. With this partnership, employees can enjoy various benefits, including zero down payment, low monthly payments and substantial tax savings.

Marketing Consulting Officer at Quiklyz, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to join hands with Nickelfox and offer our innovative car lease solutions to their esteemed employees. Our mission aligns perfectly with our company’s vision, and together, we aim to revolutionise employee mobility in the city and beyond.”

The new Car Lease Policy is in line with Nickelfox’s ongoing efforts to create a productive and employee-centric work environment. By providing convenient transportation options, Nickelfox aims to boost employee morale, reduce stress associated with daily commutes, and promote a healthy work-life balance amongst its employees.

About Nickelfox

Recognized as a top-tier IT company in Noida, Nickelfox excels in providing cutting-edge solutions in web development, mobile app development, and other digital technology services. Since its founding, the company has been an innovative force in the IT space, offering revolutionary digital solutions to clients globally.