Tales of Design | Top 5 takeaways on ‘Product and Design’

Top 5 takeaways on Product and Design Webinar

The Design arm of Nickelfox launched a new initiative – TALES OF DESIGN. This webinar series is dedicated to creating meaningful dialogues with experts around the world on UI/UX design, with the aim of giving back to the design community.  

Our first external speaker was Nate Gunderson, Director – Product Design at Getty Images. As he shared his thoughts on product and design, Nate also explained his cross-functional role at Getty Images and inspired us to be open to diverse responsibilities. 

Here are the top five takeaways from the webinar that can help designers perform better in and beyond their roles: 

Stay curious – Staying curious about roles beyond your work can bring clarity about what other teams do, and the purpose of their projects. This may offer you a chance to develop new skills, and you will gain clarity on why your organization is doing what. This knowledge may then reflect in your own work. 

Design for emotional connections – Designs communicate and must be created by deeply understanding the users. While technology takes care of the basic stuff, designs must add meaning to the product and build emotional connections with users.  

Client vs Usability – Resolve conflicting design ideas between you and your client with the help of user testing (A/B testing). Factual data always helps in creating ideal design solutions. 

Limit the timeline for projects – When you communicate clearly with stakeholders to set the objectives right, the unnecessary tasks automatically get reduced, saving you a lot of time. You can easily meet deadlines with clear objectives in mind. 

Look beyond your team, how you impact the business metrics, and can make your company successful – Your role is unique and has value but looking at the bigger picture can help you realize the impact of your role in your company and how you can be of more value to your peers. This is necessary for your growth as well as the growth of your organisation. 

Individuals with the attitude to learn and grow, proactively take part in roles beyond their profile. They engage with different teams to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and are open to new perspectives. That’s how everyone in a firm grows together.

Find the complete webinar video here:

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