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How to run design sprints on remote?

The design sprint process is one of the most prominent strategies to solve difficult business problems. Introduced by Jake Knapp (Former GV design partner), the technique was first used at Google in 2010, and has been improved by experts over the years. Many businesses and

Web 3.0 – Expected internet changes

Discussions for Web 3.0 have been on the air since 2006. Today, digital content creators want an internet version that keeps their data/content secure, eliminating middlemen that control user data. The shift towards a new internet version built on a shared ledger (blockchain technology) started

Digital Product Design

Digital products that solve user-problem in just a few clicks have become increasingly popular now. But, a lot of thought goes into preparing such a product that the audience will continue to use. Therefore, creating a product demands extensive research, planning, designing, and other essentials

Product Development Life Cycle

There are a large number of firms offering software product engineering services, today. This is because the demand for digital products is increasing. Everyone wants to make profits by launching their digital ideas in the market.  Businesses create a product to ensure value for their

Tales of Design | Top 5 takeaways on ‘Product and Design’

The Design arm of Nickelfox launched a new initiative – TALES OF DESIGN. This webinar series is dedicated to creating meaningful dialogues with experts around the world on UI/UX design, with the aim of giving back to the design community.   Our first external speaker was

How to deal with design rejections?

Artistic professionals often feel deeply attached to their work. Turning down their ideas can hurt them deeply. However, it is impossible to avoid the rejections entirely. Similar is the case with creative designs. While you as a designer may be marveling at the beauty of

Nickelfox Wins Another 5-Star Feedback on B2B Reviews Site

At Nickelfox, we value the vision and ideas of our partners. It’s our mission to help businesses overcome their digital challenges through smart, reliable technology solutions. With over seven years of experience, we deliver groundbreaking and game-changing technology services to empower our customers.  Nickelfox has

Why market research is required for a new product?

Launching a new product is all about hitting the right buttons in a customer to motivate them to purchase your product. Today, customers don’t seek a representative to boast about a product. They have the power, choice, and resources to make purchase decisions even from

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