Innovation and Digitisation for the world after Covid19
April 10, 2020 ⋅ 8 min read
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Innovation and Digitisation for the world after Covid19

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our lives in the last few months. A major part of the world, regardless of their economic or social status, is confined to their homes now, obviously overwhelmed. Every conversation hints at this pandemic these days. At Nickelfox things are no different, but we could plan and prepare for such a situation in anticipation of lockdowns.

The author of the bestselling book Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari said on the world after the coronavirus: “This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come.”

“This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come.”

– Yuval Noah Harari

Impact on the business – A different outlook

For almost all the businesses, COVID-19 is a financial threat and many are starting to get impacted with this. But with this drastic change in the world economy, lots of new opportunities have also emerged.

  • With no clear sign of when things will get back to normal. Lifestyle changes and changes in the consumers behaviour and mindset will drastically transform the way businesses operate. Businesses now have to think of ways to cater to these changing dynamics, and Digital operations and Digital Services will be the key in achieving success.

  • The huge wave of Digitisation of many industry segments will happen, which otherwise would be slow adopters. To make these quick changes, these industries/businesses will need Digital Transformation services.
    Some of the key industries which can make the best of the current times

Healthcare (mHealth)

Technology in healthcare (Health and Fitness) will help adapt to the structural changes that will benefit society and extremely useful for individuals not just during COVID-19 but any health crisis. Healthcare will see scale growth in virtual care messaging and visits, will help triage of concerned patients, maintain digital conversations and assistant, and needless to mention augment the clinical capacity. At Nickelfox we had worked extensively within the Healthcare domain with products like Aptihealth, Inito, Tabcare, HealthyKeys to name a few, and we anticipate mHealth will see many more innovations to emerge with people getting more cautious for their and their families health.


COVID-19 has given professionals as well as newbees opportunity and time to up-skill themselves. And most of the educational endeavours are moving to the use of online video/audio calls for regular classes and activities. Resulting a surge in the user base for many e-Learning ventures. This vastly puts the need for offline educational ventures to go digital as fast as possible. Creating a huge demand for Digital Transformation services.


With the inclination of more individuals for online shopping and less for window shopping, will lead to more start-ups, projects, products that will use technologies like AI, Machine Learning so our expertise at Nickelfox will come handy for business to ensure a quick launch and a zero downtime for 100% custom satisfaction.

Online Video Streaming/OTT Media Services

During the Lockdown as more individuals are consuming streaming video content online, it will lead to more corporations focusing on developing more intuitive products ensuring personalised content to the individual. We at Nickelfox with our expertise in the domain can reduce the go to market time for such corporates and help them achieve their vision and mission.


As the Fintech solutions have seen a major shift and adoption, there are expected to be more corporates offering and trying to acquire customers with their enticing offers. Our product development process ensures robust platforms are delivered with no security vulnerabilities.

Virtual Experiences & Video Calls

Even with Zooms recent security concerns, it’s share prices are on a growing streak. So is the case with other video/calling services, all thanks to social distancing. Likewise innovation in AR/VR and video chats based services will try to make the best of the current times for better adoption and engagement.

zoom's share price trend

There are many more such critical applications in almost all industries. With most of the time spent at homes, one of the best ways to utilise this time, is letting the creative juices flow, to find innovative solutions for the world when Covid19 will be remembered as the ugly monster from the past.

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