Nilesh Ukey

Nilesh Ukey

Nilesh, an IIT-Rookee graduate, is the visionary behind Nickelfox Technologies. As a new-age, progressive leader, he champions the mission of providing dignified employment and delivering solutions that impact society. Nilesh has more than 15 years of experience in leadership and client service roles across diverse sectors including technology, healthcare, FinTech, insurance, e-commerce. He is also an angel investor in several start-ups that align with his goal of creating value in society. Behind the professional persona is an avid reader who emphasises on the importance of reading to build a socially and politically aware society. Nilesh also runs an initiative called Curious Titans, with the aim of instilling critical thinking across all age groups.

Blog Posts

#VaccinePledge for our entire workforce

#VaccinePledge for our entire workforce Every time we hear yet another case of Covid – in our friends, families, or team, let’s just tell ourselves – this too shall pass. None of us would have anticipated the second surge of the Covid-19 pandemic when we

Innovation and Digitisation for the world after Covid19

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our lives in the last few months. A major part of the world, regardless of their economic or social status, is confined to their homes now, obviously overwhelmed. Every conversation hints at this pandemic these days.