Guide to a Successful App Launch

Guide to a Successful App Launch

Guide to a Successful App Launch Strategy

Planning for an ideal app launch strategy starts way before the app is developed. Every app is different from another. What worked for one app may not work for another app. There are many things to consider when creating, designing, and launching an app. 

Ideally, the app launch strategy should be planned at the ideation stage. When you find a problem that you want to solve with your app. Here you also know the target audience for whom you are planning to develop this solution.

Follow these steps for a successful App Launch:

Pre-Launch App Preparations

Conduct Market Research

At the time when this seed-level idea occurred to you, you must have done subtle market research. Now you have to conduct a detailed research to find out if your concept is a niche (if not then what features others are lacking?), identify your strengths against your competitors ’product, and track their app store strategy.

Create User Persona

The best strategy would be to take along your future audience in your app journey and create a user persona around their needs, expectations (from this app), presence on social media platforms (where you will promote your app launch). You will need some of your audience to even test your app before you finally launch it.

Decide App Development Strategy

This stage is crucial for all-size businesses (completely established or start-ups). If you are an IT company and you have a design & development team in place, it is comparatively easier for you. For all the others the key decision here is to find a suitable app development agency as per your budget. Always select a seasoned app development agency that has experience in various projects across different domains. They will not only help you in design & development but will also provide you consultation on app launch strategy from the development front. For example: If you have less budget but you want to enter the market soon then they would suggest you to go with the MVP (minimum viable product) strategy to avoid wastage of time & money.

App Creation & Testing

Following all the necessary parameters you create your app and it is time for testing. Testing is crucial because it helps you find out initial bugs and flaws. Once your product is bug-free, now it’s time to test prototypes with potential users. This will give you insights into how your user will use your app, which will help you further improve your app from a usability perspective.

Adopt Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Offer multiple touchpoints for customers to interact with your brand. Building a responsive website with a functional call to action buttons, social media marketing with organic and paid promotional strategies, and influencer marketing strategies will give visibility to your brand. This strategy will also work for you at the time of formal app launch.

MVP Launch and/or Beta Testing

Pre-launch (MVP) & beta testing of an app is very important to ensure that the product is perfect from the usability and likability front. MVP development follows a build-measure-learn process to provide immediate value to its users. Beta Testing is conducted to gain a deeper understanding of users’ needs, purpose of using the app, user behavior, test interactions, loading time, etc.

App Launch

Optimize your App Store Listing

Your app store page is also your important Sales Channel and a Landing Page where your customers visit. Optimization of app stores acts as a foundation to rank higher in app stores and enhances the chance to be discovered by potential users. Therefore, app store listing acts as a crucial step in long-term organic growth. Writing enticing descriptions, titles, and sharing attention-grabbing videos, screenshots, leveraging social media marketing strategy, paid ads, and influencer marketing to bring in traffic-altogether acts as a building pillar for the ASO process.

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Good Reviews & Higher User Ranking Matters

Try to obtain as many good reviews and stars as you can. Good reviews act as a major factor to build your credibility in app stores. At this stage, your test user group can come in handy. They can write good reviews for you and recommend your app within their social and family circle.

Post App Launch Activities

Maintenance and Bug Fixing

A quick support CTA, regular support/good practices pop-ups, and quick turnaround practices help in the smooth functioning of your app. After support plays a key role that builds trust in users to make them loyal towards your brand.

Maximize the Efficiency of your Marketing Communication

Re-engage your users with techniques like push notifications/ in-app messages, special offers, discounts, improving features, generate more content like videos (walk-through videos, influencer recommendation video), images, etc. Understand your users’ preferences to provide a more personalized experience.

Leverage App Analytics to Track Performance

Tracking user behavior helps you understand which user trigger points and usage patterns are working for you. These insights will help you find out engagement and drop-out patterns that will further help you improve your app’s UI/UX and its performance.

Work on Re-Evaluating your ASO and Marketing Strategy

Start with improving search-related KPIs like Top Level KPIs (evaluating overall efforts from the pre-launch stage), Supporting KPIs (measure search traffic in-flow and number of downloads), Operational KPIs (monitor keywords performance), Competitive Keywords, Branded Keywords, Generic Keywords, etc. Spend time measuring data provided by App Stores. Your ASO manager and Marketing Communication team or App Marketing Agency (however youve built your team) can work collaboratively on further improving SEO activities, Social Media Marketing Strategy, PR, and Influencer Marketing.  

The most important step is to have a good app development team in place which can guide and help you create a flawless, market ready mobile application.  They will bring in their expertise to provide you genuine support, boost app performance and reduce overall cost.

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