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We created an e-commerce platform for beer lovers and sellers


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About BrewScout App

BrewScout is an e-commerce platform that connects independent breweries to millions of new customers nationwide. With its state-of-the-art algorithm, BrewScout app leads beer lovers to craft beers of their taste. Users can browse for multiple variants of brews on the platform.

BrewScout's Craft Beer Application Screens
Challenges Nickelfox Faced for Brewery App Development

The Challenges

During the pandemic scenario BrewScout wanted to create a digital solution- an online community marketplace for beer lovers and sellers for the US market. BrewScout wanted a state-of-the-art algorithm that leads beer lovers to craft beers that deliver on exactly what their personal palate and taste buds crave.

Business Solutions

We conducted a thorough study of the client’s vision and plans. Based on our analysis we defined our strategy. Our goal was to design a smooth purchase and delivery process design and offer a complete experience for customers to learn, discover and order alcohol of their taste.


We designed and developed a Mobile application for iOS and Android devices and a Web App for two Stakeholders-Customers & Vendors. We created an Admin panel as well for onboarding vendors.

Nickelfox Business Solution for Brewery App Development

Key highlights of engagement with Nickelfox


Agile Methodology was adopted based on the specified project, budget and timeline.

A simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface was designed for BrewScout.

Our design had elements, vibe and style to reflect the world of alcohol. When buying drinks online, you can’t taste test them, so it’s important to elevate other senses when trying to sell the product.

Nickelfox Designed User-Friendly Interface For BrewScout Web & Mobile APP

Technology Used

iOS Development

Objective C Mobile Application

Objective C

Android Development

Kotlin Mobile Application


Java Mobile Application


Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Admin Panel Development

Backend Development


Postgres Web-Development


MongoDB Web-Development

Mongo DB

Wireframes & Designs

Fonts & Colors

Avenir Next

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Primary Screens

Home Screen of eCommerce Marketplace App for Breweries

Home Screen

Detail Page of Breweries eCommerce Marketplace App

Detail Page

Payment Page of Brewery eCommerce App Development

Payment Page

Cart Screen of Brewer eCommerce App Development

Your Cart

Other Screens

Multi Screens of Beer Delivery App Development


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