What it takes to create-ClubHouse alike Social Networking App?

What it Takes to Build A Social Networking App Like Clubhouse

What it takes to create-ClubHouse alike Social Networking App?

People are bored of likes & comments and are now looking for a more interactive side of social engagement. This demand has inspired various companies to come up with such applications. Recent pandemic has made people work remotely and they try to cover this distance with virtual social networking sites. This is where ClubHouse has come into picture and has caught our attention. Capitalising on this growth, Facebook is reportedly working on building an audio chat product, giving competition to ClubHouse app.

What is ClubHouse?

ClubHouse is a social networking app with exclusive invite-only functionality; co-founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth. Clubhouse is a website less application that comes with an audio chatting feature. It recently valued at $100 million after receiving a $12 million funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

Just at the beta stage-Clubhouse has already started being compared to market giants like Facebook (Instagram & WhatsApp) and Twitter. Since Elon Musk-the richest man in the world appeared on one of the chat rooms of ClubHouse, it has exploded in popularity amongst venture capitalists and celebrities. Clubhouse founders stated that the idea behind launching Clubhouse was to build a social experience that felt more human like.

Despite being an invite only app, available only for Apple users-ClubHouse has recently exceeded 8 million downloads (as per mobile data and analytics firm App Annie). Although, there is a buzz that ClubHouse will be available for Android users as well, but the dates are not announced yet.

While ClubHouse has already built a strong reputation amongst iPhone users and where android users are also keenly waiting for their turn to explore, there is definitely a bright future for this app to grow in terms of usage. However, there are plans to allow users to make money through events, subscriptions and tipping.  

How do you get to use ClubHouse?

Since it’s an invite only app-once you receive an invite, you will have to follow the link in the message (which will lead you to the sign-up page), sign up, and start using the app. Upon becoming a part of the app, you will get two invites to ask people if they want to join the club too.

Let’s understand how ClubHouse works:

Suppose you are on Twitter or Facebook where you can create your account but on the ClubHouse app-you can only get access if you are invited by somebody.

On Facebook and Twitter there are different Groups-in ClubHouse there are “Audio Groups” like any podcast but it’s a two-way communication podcast.
You can raise your hand if you want to speak but you can speak only when the moderator allows you to. This functionality helps avoid unnecessary disturbances and harassments.

What are takeaways from ClubHouse App?

  1. Audio chats making it more engaging and interactive
  2. Social networking amongst like minded groups
  3. Real time information sharing
  4. Maintaining Exclusivity

Since many companies are planning to Create ClubHouse alike App, here is a handy list of what is must for such product:

1) User friendly UI/UX Design
2) Focus on Usage
3) Stable & Fast
4) App Security
5) Understand it’s Audience
6) Option for Profile Creation
7) Moderator/Admin
8) Audio Chat Rooms
9) Strict Privacy Norms
10) Have both iOS and Android version (this of course depends on the customer base)

How can a Mobile App Development Company help you build a ClubHouse alike app?

Though there are many ways to go about creating Clubhouse alike products, we at Nickelfox, as a Software Solutions & Mobile App Development Company can share only how we would have tackled it.

When we take up a project, we see it as a solution that should be leveraging and successful. We conduct a detailed study of the product. We may suggest our clients to first go with the beta version (like clubhouse did), to understand the market demand and observe how your product is performing-before going for a full fledged, feature loaded product. When you go with the beta version you can also spot and squash bugs and other issues that went unnoticed in the development phase of the product. Our team also makes sure that your product stands correct on all the safety and security standards.

Nickelfox has expertise in creating mobile apps for healthcare, finance/insurance, pharmaceutical, retail, smart devices, industrial engineering, transportation and entertainment. We offer full life cycle app development helping you throughout the mobile app development process. We will guide you throughout the process-from app design and programming to it’s launch. We also provide you after support and maintenance. We help you turn your app idea into a success story.

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