Website design trends for 2022 and beyond

Website design trends for 2022 and beyond

A dominating trend we will witness in 2022 is an increase in playfulness in web page designs and cinema-style home pages with full screen video stories. In this article, we will explore some contemporary techniques that will determine UI and UX in the coming year and beyond.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling has come a long way since its debut in 2011. It is a technique that adds more depth to the website design. As a user scrolls through the website, the background moves slower than the foreground to create a 3D effect. It gives users an immersive experience. Here’s an example of Louie Seller’s website, his one-page portfolio that gives visitors a complete idea of who he is and what he does.

One-page website

Nowadays, minimalist web designs are very popular. And we know this from the increasing popularity of one-page websites. Such online portals do away with menus and unnecessary navigation in favour of easy scrolling. One can find relevant information in one spot. One-page websites are preferred to present one idea (as you may see in the above example, it is Louie Seller’s portfolio). We will see more creative ideas on one-page websites in the coming year.

Mobile-app-like websites

Smaller, lighter, and experience-focused websites are the way ahead for web design. Similar to mobile apps, websites will be lighter and interaction-centric. One can keep a user engaged with little animations, dynamics, and other relevant features. The best part is dynamic app-like websites keep the phone space free, and users love it. Hence, it is logical to channel app-like features to websites for creating experiences that haven’t existed before.

Impactful hero sections

Hero sections create a great visual impact, which is why designers will continue adding more creativity and impact to it. It’s more than simply adding attractive designs or having flashy illustrations. The idea is to ensure that visitors have clarity about a website’s objective the moment they land on the website and they take the desired action.

Accessible Design

Users are now switching to easier search methods. Adapting to voice search could divulge a never-before website experience for users. Users can use voice search in place of typing. It will replace time-intensive navigation to a relevant few search-results on-page.

Today, users want everything fast, things that cost them too much time are a turnoff. Enhanced accessibility on websites will save you from high bounce rate.


They say, content is king. Content on websites helps transfer messages that design alone cannot. In 2022, most industries will use storytelling techniques to make content more understandable and appealing. The different ways of storytelling that we can expect more in 2022 are:

  • Stories from the customers to build more authenticity 
  • Brands delivering their message with immersive podcasts 
  • Data-driven storytelling for business models 
  • Storytelling through motion graphics 
  • Storytelling through videos 
  • Narrating relatable stories to build knowledge about products among users and potential customers.

Oversized typography

Currently, large-size fonts are most popular in website design trends. Large typefaces grab attention and adds to the wow factor of the website design and are therefore extensively used nowadays. It’s easier to convey a message loud and clear with oversized typography. The font for large typefaces is kept simple on a minimalistic background with few or no decorations; it gives an elegant appeal to a webpage. This trend will continue to create minimalistic yet creative websites.

Transparent privacy policy

If the websites are to store pertinent information from a user, they must inform the users. Future websites will not store everything behind privacy policy. Users will have consent to any information a website might take.

We expect clean and intelligent websites in the year 2022. The aforementioned are a few ways to create cleaner and enhanced UX. Updating a website with trending designs can have a favourable impact on the brand.

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