#VaccinePledge for our entire workforce

#VaccinePledge for our entire workforce

#VaccinePledge for our entire workforce

Every time we hear yet another case of Covid – in our friends, families, or team, let’s just tell ourselves – this too shall pass. None of us would have anticipated the second surge of the Covid-19 pandemic when we started 2021. However, it has happened, and we’re now in the middle of a severe crisis in India.

It is said that extraordinary times, bring out the extraordinary in us. And the single most extraordinary trait in this time is Empathy. At Nickelfox, our goal is to create value through every activity we conduct – business or otherwise. And we are amazed to see how our teammates are living this value in their everyday life and supporting each other in these tough times. Also a big thanks to our clients and partners, for understanding and supporting our teams.

Covid Vaccine for our team at Nickelfox

When the news first came, that age groups of 18 and above are eligible to get vaccinated from 1st May. We knew we have to make sure that everyone in our team is vaccinated. And we are happy that we are taking this small step to ensure our teams’ safety, by sponsoring the Covid-19 vaccine for our entire workforce.

This tough time is calling for even greater unity among us, irrespective of the place, city, country we live in. And I hope these challenging times will act as a global unifier, where countries, corporates, and citizens will come together with a ‘humanity first approach. We will not only defeat the virus but will win together as humans.

#VaccinePledge #TogetherInThis

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