Trending digital technologies to grow your business in 2022

Trending digital technologies to grow your business in 2022

The need to implement digital solutions quickly and efficiently has become even more pronounced in the pandemic times. No industry today can look away from the tech trends. Let us explore some of the top tech trends of 2022. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) for improved customer experience 

While users today enjoy improved experiences with their smart devices, they remain unaware of the AI algorithms making all of it possible. Chatbots, language analysis and translation, object detection are just a few of the many services that AI facilitates. Businesses will continue to strengthen their connect with customers with the help of AI in 2022 as well. Here are a few AI trends organizations will follow in 2022: 

  • Data fabric architecture will be used to integrate and recommend data intelligently to data consumers. The architecture enables users to access trusted data faster, which is helpful for machine learning and AI processes. Further, it can improve decision-making with the help of AI and ML. 
  • Cybersecurity mesh will be used as a standalone security solution to verify identity, data context across cloud and non-cloud environments. 
  • Composable applications may become popular for the code-reusability and speeding up the release of software solutions. 
  • Generative AI will be used to create new content after learning facts from the available data. The content created will be similar but not repeated. 

No code – low code AI 

Similar to no-code UI where users can create web pages and add interactive systems within the website without any code, no-code AI will create smart tools by simply dragging in the pre-made modules. One will be able to add specific data to create a smart tool even if he/she doesn’t know to code.  

ML (Machine Learning) for improved cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity has different data points namely – 

  • Data clustering 
  • Data classifying 
  • Data processing 
  • Data filtering 

This data can be analysed by ML to learn the patterns of past events and detect the possibilities of future threats.  

Today, when each firm is processing humungous data every day, implementing AI/ML can ensure cybersecurity that will avoid any data breaches by threats breaking into the system. 

Robotic process automation (RPA) with intelligence 

RPA with intelligence will offer a wider scope for automation. The technology will be enhanced to mimic humans as they read and understand structured and unstructured text. Hence, RPA with intelligence will not only speed up the businesses processes, but will also reduce costs by offering agile and scalable solutions with a workforce of digital robots. With such an operational workforce, the quality of results will also improve. 

Blockchain Technology and Web 3.0 

Blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrencies but can power up any business with greater transparency and increased efficiency. Wondering how? In blockchain technology, the transaction ledger is open to view, which ensures that the owner of a digital asset or any transaction related to the asset or transfer of its ownership will be visible to the customers. With such transparency, companies can build more trust amongst customers. Also, blockchain technology is more efficient as it removes the middlemen and allows customers to directly purchase from firms by peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency transfers. 

Blockchain technology will also build a transparent network on Web 3.0. The dawn of Web 3.0 will make online information more open yet strongly secure with blockchain. With its decentralised feature, blockchain technology will make it impossible for cybercriminals to break into any user data across Web 3.0. Moreover, users will have data ownership, which means sharing data with advertising firms or corporations can become a new source of income for users.  

The tech trends in 2022 are empowering users by creating user-centric solutions. Businesses can benefit by incorporating these trends into their practices. 

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