Top 5 strategies for a great customer experience in IT industry

Top strategies to Improve Customer Experience in IT industry

Top 5 strategies for a great customer experience in IT industry


Why focus on customer experience strategies? 

Industries make revenues from products/services targeted at customers. It, therefore, makes a lot of difference to increase client engagement by delivering customer-centric services. The current market stands on deeply understanding the needs of potential clients and organisations looking to scale quickly must develop sturdy customer experience (CX) strategies. 

What can you expect by investing in CX? 

  • Deeper trust between you and your customer 
  • Improved customer stickability 
  • Higher conversions 

Today, when there is a digital experience lag such as an application failure, customers can post public reviews, reach customer support or shift their interest to other competitive services. Such instances impact the brand identity. It’s imperative to retain your customers to be able to generate more revenue. Also, it is easier to retain an existing client than attract a new prospect. Is it not worthwhile to deliver a better CX to improve customer loyalty in return? 


Here are 5 strategies to do so:




Focus on improving digital customer experience 

As maximum traffic comes through online media, digital customer experience must be your priority. There is need to enhance intelligence across all sales channels by automating processes and reducing human dependency. For example, the use of chatbots can provide real-time information about products/service with just one click.  The response time is typically low and it matches the expectations of users today, who want to receive instant results to almost everything.

Ask for customer feedback

It is best to have digital channels to store customer feedback. The information can help organisations conduct predictive analysis and create personalised experiences. Many companies conduct surveys or take open-text feedbacks, which also helps in increasing customer engagement.

Take internal feedback 

It is difficult to consistently enhance CX as customers are reluctant to offer feedback. Pay attention to the less-performing areas through data analysis of your product/service. Take internal feedback on how to improve the service. Employees are straightforward and may also have excellent suggestions to deliver. 

Reduce customer effort 

Keep an eye out for issues that can come up in your service and resolve them ahead of time. You can even set up routine interactions with customers to offer assistance than to wait for their complaints.

Connect with your customers’ emotions

There is a higher chance of customers sticking by when they connect with you emotionally. You must read your clients’ emotions and practice keeping them happy with your services, assistance, etc. For example, meet the commitments about pricing or call back for customer assistance. Such practices win the trust of your client, which is vital for any business today.

Customers who find an emotional bond with you will:

  • recommend your brand to others.
  • repurchase your product/services.
  • not shift their interest easily.
  • be less sensitive to your competitors’ price discounts.

Therefore, building an emotional connection is a crucial strategy to improve CX.

To conclude

Firms are retaining as much as 80% of their clients by implementing focussed CX strategies. All a company needs to do is offer a seamless customer journey. Attend to your consumer’s specific needs, emotions, and behaviour to create an impact; you will be surprised to see that customers are willing to pay more for their reduced efforts.

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