Tech Geeks At Nickelfox Use Practical Ideas to Devise Fruitful Strategies

GoodFirms team interviewed Co-Founder of Nickelfox, Nilesh Ukey

Tech Geeks At Nickelfox Use Practical Ideas to Devise Fruitful Strategies

Founded in 2014, Nickelfox uses technology and innovation to build products and offer services for creating value for clients. The company works on the sole mission of working with integrity, commitment, and honesty for empowering ideas. The team has successfully delivered numerous projects based on software, mobile, UI/UX to clients from different industries like science, industrials, commercials, and various others. The professional team works collaboratively and comprehensively to deliver services with a practical approach.

The dynamic team of 50+ people, with their knowledge and expertise, has delivered around 200 projects across almost 25 countries. The organization cares deeply about the clients and, thus, craft solutions focused mainly on their profits and that helps them rise in the ever-changing digital landscapes.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Co-Founder of Nickelfox, Nilesh Ukey, in which he told about the company and his role in detail.

Nilesh revealed to  GoodFirms how Nickelfox is transforming business with its well-crafted solutions. They offer different digital solutions for website, application, and other IT services to help clients business remodel and reach a new level. He further said, his team goes beyond expectations to deliver projects innovatively for organizations of all sizes and convert their vision into reality. Nilesh also stated that his role in the company is to accelerate growth and drive business opportunities for clients by understanding their vision. While explaining the process, Nilesh also said his idea behind the start of Nickelfox was the passion for technology and a deep understanding of the business. Thus, his team utilizes their knowledge and skills to create innovative solutions for clients.

Here is the list of services that are being offered by the company:

Mobile App Development

Nickelfox team offers custom app development services with an engineered approach suitable to their clients’ needs. The team holds excellence in working on different frameworks and languages such as iOS app development, android app development, wearable app development, react native app development, and enterprise app development. They have helped many clients achieve success across multiple platforms via their app development process. The team not only builds apps but tests and deploys and supports and scales their experience to develop outstanding applications. The team uses SCRUM methodology and other methodologies to provide clients with daily insights on their budget spends. Thus, having such knowledge in mobile app development, the company soon expected to rank as the top mobile app development companies in the world at GoodFirms.

The review below by Sean Austin proves that Nickelfox is a true and reliable partner for any solutions.

Review by Client-Sean Austin


Web Development Solutions

The full-stack web development team at Nickelfox puts their knowledge and effort together to develop a website that can boost clients’ business and engagements. The efficient team has worked front end and back end using frameworks like Angular, React, Python/Django, Node, and other latest ones to deliver agile web development solutions. With expertise and experience, the team works comprehensively in close collaboration with its clients’ ideas and vision. They always strive to fulfill their clients’ expectations with vision. Moreover, they keep the confidentiality and trust of their clients intact by building unique web solutions with expertise and agility. Therefore, outfitted with such an efficient team, Nickelfox can soon grab a position as the top web development companies in India at GoodFirms.

After having read the brief interview, one can also read the detailed interview in the link here.

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