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Top 4 Takeaways to Exponentially Improve Your Design Ideas-TOD


After receiving an incredible response for the first external webinar of Tales of Design, we quickly planned on the next thread of the series. This time, we invited JP Morgan’s UX designer, Paige McNamara-Pittler as our guest speaker. To make the session more enriching, she used one of her projects – Corporate Risk Assessment web application for Itron’s internal incubator – as an example.  

Here are some key takeaways from the session:  

  1. Before starting a project, one must evaluate the risk around it. The three core elements to check are:  
  • The desirability of the idea (customer value)  
  • Feasibility (technical infrastructure)  
  • Viability (capital)  

If your project ticks all three factors, it has a lesser risk probability.  

  1. There is nothing like a bad or dumb idea. At times, one simple thought can lead to a remarkable solution. You can sit with the problem and think of it like an everyday issue you face; now what are the several different ways to resolve that problem? Think of all the possible ways the problem can be resolved and keep them collected in one place to share, discuss, eliminate or include. 
  1. Keep your design as simple as possible so that anyone can navigate through it with ease. If your grandma finds it challenging to navigate, you probably need to rethink the idea. 
  1. Never miss out on clearing accessibility standards such as ADA, WCAG visual accessibility, etc. You can take help from – colour.adobe.com. 

Here are some book recommendations from our speaker:  

  • Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder   
  • Inspired by Marty Cagan   
  • Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman 
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