Software trends we can't ignore in 2022

According to Business Insider, 2022 will be the first trillion-dollar year for online spending. With such a boost in online engagement, users expect agile software solutions at their service with stronger security to avoid malicious cyber attacks. Also, firms need to upgrade their digital environment to secure data. Let’s find out about the software trends that will amp-up the digital game in 2022, giving users a faster and secure experience.

Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

Event driven architecture operates in real-time. In this, a client can subscribe to the application program interfaces (APIs) to receive updates in real-time, getting rid of the traditional request-reply pattern to access online data. Modern online users do not want to waste their time in sending repeated requests to access information. Users expect instantaneous access to information and updates, which they can receive with EDA. For example, updates in the e-cart as they add/delete items, swiping credit card for transactions and receiving an instant update about it via mail or text. Hence, more people will prefer event-driven architecture (EDA) across different software development projects in 2022. Approximately 35% of enterprises will address the lag in delivering/updating online information with EDA.


Companies have migrated to the cloud swiftly since the pandemic. Also, the usership of the cloud has increased. An expense of $482 billion is expected on global services in 2022, which is a straight 54% increase when compared to 2020. With humungous data shared online, cybercriminals will certainly focus on the cloud, which is why DevSecOps will play a key role in software development in 2022. It will simplify to detect and mitigate any digital threats quickly. Some effective ways in which it will help are:

  • Monitoring open-source code.
  • Automated patch management.
  • Conducting configuration scans and system audits.
  • Tracking cloud-based services and resource usage.

To run all of this smoothly, the DevSecOps will need the right tools. The top DevSecOps tools suggested for 2022 are Gauntlt, JupiterOne, GitHub Actions, Owasp Zap, PK Hub, etc. These are trusted third-party integrations that will see increased usage in 2022.

Blockchain and NFT

Blockchain technology gained immense popularity in 2021, promising online trust and security, but it can potentially consume a lot of energy and emit high levels of carbon. This is why Elon Musk temporarily stopped accepting Bitcoin in exchange for Tesla car payments. In 2022, experts may develop less energy-intensive models. To develop such models, huge investments will be made in generating renewable energy; the produced energy will then be used to operate blockchains. Also, NFT use cases are likely to expand beyond art. Metaverse by Facebook, Microsoft, and Nvidia have already lit up the NFT platform. There will be several opportunities in 2022 to showcase innovative NFT ideas.

AI and machine learning

More industries will experiment with AI and machine learning in 2022. As per Gartner’s exclusive survey, 48% of CIOs responded that they already have or will soon deploy AI and machine learning within twelve months. In 2022, organizations may also utilize Decision intelligence (DI) to enhance human decision-making. The DI will use augmented analytics, simulations, and AI to improve decision-making on an organizational level. Enterprises show a strong interest in AI, but its stabilization stage is expected until 2025; meanwhile, we can see AI maturing and being utilized more intelligently in the market.

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