Recording calls on iPhone

How to record a call on your iPhone using Rev App

Recording calls on iPhone

One cannot record audio calls on iPhones. Though it is not difficult to deploy, Apple excluded the option of call recording due to legal issues. As per the Federal and state laws of the US, every participant on the call must agree to a call recording, which most people don’t follow individually.

Further, most of the apps which allows call recording on iPhone are usually paid. In this article, we’ll talk about an app which allows free recording of calls. Rev Call Recorder iOS app is an easy-to-use application that records calls, and you can share them via Dropbox or email. For now, the Rev – voice recorder is only available in the US, UK, and Australia.

How to record calls on the Rev app?

To record outgoing calls:

  1. Download the app
  2. Verify your number
  3. Tap on ‘start call record’
  4. Select outgoing call
  5. Enter the number you wish to call
  6. Call Rev’s recorder
  7. Tap Add call and enter the recipient’s number
  8. Once the call connects, merge it with the recorder
  9. End call to stop recording

To record incoming calls:

  1. Receive the call
  2. Open Rev app
  3. Tap ‘start call record’ followed by incoming call option
  4. Call Rev’s recorder with the pop-up message
  5. Once the call connects, merge calls to start recording
  6. End call to stop recording

Your recorded call appears in the list of recordings within the application. You can listen, share or export these recordings as per your requirement. You can also rename the recordings to organize them. Rev allows you to transcribe the call to text as shown here.  

Several applications support call recording such as TapeACall Pro, Call Recorder App, Call Recorder iCall, CallRec Lite, etc. These apps allow you to record calls and access different options for a trial period, and then you must take a premium subscription. The steps remain almost the same, with a slight difference that you can find on exploring the applications. However, one must take consent from all participants before recording starts. It is crucial to avoid any legal implications and use the app only for the wellbeing of all participants.

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