#NotJustACadbury ad – A deepfake usage done right

Cadbury deepfake ad with SRK - A deepfake usage done right

#NotJustACadbury ad – Deepfake usage done right 

In a world where deepfake videos are becoming increasingly common, convincing (and even an instrument of misuse), a recent use of this AI technology intended to make a real difference.

This year, Cadbury has empowered local retailers and business owners with limited capital to leverage the brand value of one of our biggest Bollywood superstars. The innovative ad used AI/ML to customise Shahrukh Khan’s face and voice to endorse names of local stores in different versions of the same ad.

By entering their business details and other particulars on NotJustACadburyAd.com, retailers can create a custom ad with Shahrukh Khan promoting their shops. Once all the details have been entered, the website’s AI generator customises the pre-recorded face and voice message with the new inputs to create the video ad, making it a celebrity endorsement. Business owners can then promote the ad on all social media channels.

NotJustACadburyAd.com is powered by Rephrase.Ai, a firm that specialises in creating professional quality AI-generated videos from a simple video script.

While deepfakes have mostly garnered negative spotlight due to its potential to spread misinformation, positive and responsible use of this technology can create real value in society. Deepfakes are known to have restored people’s voices when they have lost the same to diseases, and animate walls of museums and galleries with classical painters introducing their own art. They are also used to improve dubbing of foreign languages in movies. 

Going forward, it will be interesting to see how this innovative technology is put to actual use. Will it become a hatemongering device? Or will it be used to create value in society by solving real problems? If used for the right purpose, deepfakes can tackle environmental and humanitarian issues afflicting our society, and design opportunities to create a better world.

As a front-end AI development company in India, Nickelfox advocates for the constructive and ethical use of deepfake technology. Acknowledging its transformative impact on diverse industries, our commitment is reflected in our AI app development services. Here we strive to harness the potential of deepfake technology for positive innovation by stringing along responsible practices in our AI apps

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