In Conversation with Vaibhav Parmar

In Conversation with Vaibhav Parmar

Vaibhav was among the first few people who joined Nickelfox in 2017 as a software intern. Fast-forward to five years – he is now Team Lead of Training and Development. This is a story of his journey at Nickelfox – his professional growth and personal transformation.   

His progress and dedication have been an inspiration to many who have joined his team. His words can be an inspiration to people who struggle in their early phases of employment. We hope this interview will throw some light on how to reorient yourself on a purposeful growth journey even if it is not one of the most motivating days for you.  

Interviewer: Congratulations on completing five years at Nickelfox, Vaibhav. You have been a motivation for many, and we are thrilled to have this little conversation with you. 

Five years is a long time, what motivated you to stay at Nickelfox? 

Vaibhav: I would first talk about what one must have to spend as long as five years in a firm: 

  • Commitment 
  • Patience 
  • The ability to prove yourself 

Once you have ticked these three boxes, you will automatically want to take on new opportunities and apply your knowledge. When you apply your knowledge along with the three requisites I mentioned, you will start delivering successful projects. I believe that I was ready to show that commitment and prove my abilities. 

Further, Nickelfox’s Values and Mission resonate with my attitude towards work. We are a bunch of people who want to do something purposeful and create business value for our clients. We want to deliver solutions that make a difference in society and create a better world. It is difficult to find a team and work environment that aligns with my personal goals and purpose in life, which is why I take pride in working with Nickelfox. 

Are you able to find balance? 

I remember our founder, Nilesh, saying that the 7-8 hours we spend at the office are our most productive hours of the day and we must make the most out of it. This means our management doesn’t expect us to work for extended hours. With such an open environment, balancing personal time with work plays out easily. I feel understood and appreciated for the effort I put in. My seniors understand the value of my time and recognise my work. This strengthens my bond with my teammates and the organization, just like a second family.  

Further, personal and professional growth run parallel to each other. Your professional growth gives you confidence which elicits an improved version of you on both the fronts. 

What kind of a personal growth have you experienced? 

My biggest challenge was self-doubt. It was so deeply ingrained in me that making a single mistake could get my nerve cracking. On one of those days, our Founders, Prashish and Ravindra gave me a piece of advice that I still follow. They said committing mistakes is not a problem; not learning from them is. So, I started learning from my mistakes. It helped me improve the quality of my work, which also got recognition from my mentors. I eventually became more optimistic and confident about the work I delivered and grabbed more opportunities to try and improve my skills. With an optimistic mindset came the strength to take decisions. Today, I feel assured about the project decisions I make. I know that my decisions will either deliver a good business outcome or I will learn a lesson for a lifetime. 

Finding mentors, confronting my fears, and changing my perspective to failures are my biggest gains. I faced numerous challenges in Nickelfox. But with each challenge I learned, honed my skills, and turned my deep-seated flaws into opportunities to groom myself.  

Do you feel working at Nickelfox is any different from your past experiences? 

Of course! There was a time I felt that disrespect and politics is an inescapable part of work-life. My perception of ‘working life’ changed at Nickelfox. A job does not have to be a task handed down by seniors to juniors, where you become a ‘yes’ man to your boss, or where everyone is competing against the other. One can have the freedom to express themselves. One can be respected for being different and bringing in novel perspectives. One can have the freedom to make mistakes, and learn from them. One can confidently stand up for what is right. 

A bumpy ride that fetched Google appreciation 

The project was about developing a Google home virtual assistant for the elderly. We required JavaScript proficiency for the project, a language that I had no idea about. But my seniors believed in me and encouraged me to take up the responsibility. I was apprehensive but took the bumpy ride to face the challenges that the app “TabCare” brought. It was difficult, but in the end, the client was happy. Our efforts were much appreciated by Google. I received a t-shirt and a certificate from the tech giant, which I preserve as my memoirs of achievement. 

Would you recommend your friends and family to Nickelfox? 

I have already recommended several people to Nickelfox. A few who cracked the interview are working here. I recommend people with the hope that they would get an opportunity to build their career and individuality with an organisation that has a global reach. I have worked on applications that are successfully running in the US corporate world, apps that have been approved by the FDA, and other recognized names. This is the kind of recognition and exposure I would wish for my friends, and Nickelfox provides that platform to level up. 

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