In Conversation with Sumit Choudhary

In Conversation with Sumit Choudhary, Illustration Artist

Sumit was among the first three people to join Nickelfox in 2016. Since then, he has been a constant and one of the pillars of the organization. In his own words, “I joined as a graphic designer with minimum knowledge of UI…today, every work related to illustrations is vetted by me.” He exudes a sense of fulfilment in life that very few can boast, and he attributes this peace and satisfaction to the bonds he has built within Nickelfox.  

Sumit’s journey is a message to all that it may be difficult to come across an organization that has the right mix of culture, balance and colleagues one can admire, but it isn’t impossible.  

Let’s see what more he adds about his experience in Nickelfox.  

Interviewer: Sumit, your kind of contentment is rare. And we are sure many around you are jealous of you 🙂 Today, we want to know your mantra for happiness, work-life balance and most importantly, what inspired you to be with Nickelfox for so many years. 

How did your journey in Nickelfox begin? And how was it in the initial stages?  

Sumit: I joined as a graphic designer with minimum knowledge of UI. At that time, Prai (Prashish Chauhan, Founder-Director, Nickelfox) personally trained me. I learned sketching, then picked up Photoshop, and now I work on Figma.  

Today, I vet every work that is related to illustrations – be it for clients, internal use, or for external media. I feel happy that I’m working on something I really love, and the Founders themselves have shown immense support for my learning.  

What inspired you to stay at Nickelfox for six long years?  

The point is it never seemed so long! The positive, friendly work culture makes work so much fun that I don’t see myself leaving Nickelfox anytime soon.  

Joining Nickelfox eased my life in a lot of ways. I have the freedom to learn and try new things. Work is no longer just a list of tasks or a few responsibility that I must fulfil for a good appraisal. Work, here, is also about learning new things, meeting people, bonding together, making mistakes, falling and lifting ourselves and others up. It’s not just about the business outcomes but also about how we conduct ourselves.  

The deep friendships I have formed here motivates me to come to the office with a positive mindset. There were times when I have worked even on my off-days because I love my work. This place feels like home, and there has not been a day when I have felt differently.   

Is working at Nickelfox different from your previous organizations?  

Before Nickelfox, I worked in a 7-5 job, where I often remained cramped in the cubicle for over 12 hours. I was often overburdened, completing tasks even for my colleagues, and returning home only by midnight. Once I met with an accident while returning late from office and was able to reach home only at 1 a.m. The incident jolted me, and I decided to change my job.  

At Nickelfox, the concept of workplace politics is non-existent. We enjoy our work, proactively take on responsibilities, and give each other the due credit for accomplishing goals. We get opportunities to learn new things regularly and get recognized for the things we do. I am passionate about my work as a designer, and I know that I am valued for the work I do

What challenges did you face in these six years at Nickelfox? 

Communicating with clients was challenging. At times, it would dent my confidence making even team interactions difficult. But, with the support of our stellar team, I learned to understand client feedback from a new perspective, handle it well and deliver work quality beyond expectations. This has boosted my confidence, and I can proudly say that I now communicate with my team more effectively.  

How has the journey at Nickelfox impacted you?  

Nickelfox has improved the quality of my life, unburdened me, and gave my life a meaning beyond the monthly pay checks. I bring my whole self to work every day – the way I am, without any pretense. And feel valued as an employee and as an individual.  

My learning curve has been steep, and with the support of my seniors, I have evolved professionally and personally. I can take all my concerns to my mentors, who I feel will always listen to me, empathize and stand by me like pillars. This is what Nickelfox is about – support, friendship and dignified employment! I work here not just for the sake of having a job, but because of these deep relationships I have formed.

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