Nickelfox: Efficiently adapting work culture with changing dynamics

Efficiently adapting work culture with changing dynamics


Efficiently adapting work culture with changing dynamics

Due to the recent corona outbreak, the way we work has drastically changed in the last few months. Social distancing has become our main weapon to tackle this pandemic.

As social distancing led to the closure of next to every physical establishment, the digital world has proven to be a boon. Most of us are essentially surviving this pandemic because of all the marvels made in technology till date, and the digital channels are flourishing.

A shift in Nickelfox work culture

‘Work from home’ has been a buzzword in the work sphere for ages, but it was mostly perceived as a lazy activity or something reserved only for absolute emergencies. With the World Health Organization elevating the coronavirus outbreak from an epidemic to a pandemic, millions of businesses are now forced to contend with the prospect of managing a completely remote workforce.

At Nickelfox we were always open for remote work policies for many of our employees. Our teams are self-motivated and adhere to a routine well. This belief and policy of ours have benefited all of us to thrust into the world of working at home – For us this is seamless and even enjoyable.

In anticipation of possible lockdowns, we started to practice complete work from home from the 1st week of march 2020 itself. This helped us address many efficiencies and logistic issues with Work from home. By mid-march 2020, we are already on the way to report enhanced productivity and efficiency.

We have experienced that remote work can be helpful for striking a better work/life balance, staying more connected to our local family/community.

COVID-19 has shown that WFH works, and efficiently so. This pandemic is bringing significant changes in work culture, and for good!


Have a glimpse at our dedicated and comfortable spot to work at our home.

Working from Home Together

Our frequent team interactions helped us to come together with a sense of belonging, motivation and encouragement during hard times. These team interactions are effective means, enabling us across distances to collaborate with each other in a more productive and convenient way.

Here is the glimpse of our team interaction-

Socializing Together

When we suddenly started working from home, we are cutting off a lot of the casual social interactions we’re used to having throughout the day.

  • But now Team Nickelfox speaks with each throughout the day.
  • We usually ask our coworkers about their weekends.
  • We often “get lunch” together by setting a time to chat while we eat.
  • We schedule morning video call kickoffs with our whole team.
  • We don’t hesitate to reach out to each other just to ask how they’re doing.
  • We discuss a book or TV show or just to catch up over Google Hangouts.
  • We play team games together 🙂

These little interactions go a long way. We are engaged in multiple activities so that the whole team can interact with each other.

Here is the glimpse of our team activity-

Standing together as a Family

All our History textbooks have taught us how wars have only brought the affected societies together. This pandemic is a war as well, albeit with an invisible virus. So even though this pandemic has isolated us to the confines of our homes, the collective actions being taken and the support being shared will lead to a greater sense of togetherness among all of us across the globe.

And as Nickelfox’s Mission & Vision

“At Nickelfox we believe in Integrity, Honesty and Commitment. We are dedicated to Creating Value and Empowering Ideas, ensuring a Memorable Journey for our Partners and our Team.”

We share problems, support each other and stand together. We are determined to sail through these times together with our Partners and our Team.

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