Downsides of not having an app UX strategy

Downsides of not having an app UX strategy

Downsides of not having an app UX strategy

Market competition is getting tougher each day. A UX strategy is vital to match up to the present digital game. It is a roadmap to improve digital products following a user-centric approach.

If you are delayed in using this methodology, here are some downsides of not having a UX plan.


1. For UX strategy, the first step is to conduct a user analysis where a firm can understand the behaviour of its audience. With this understanding, creators can include relevant features in the app that increase usability.

What happens without a user analysis?

  • You don’t know potential users of your application.
  • You have no idea about user preferences when they explore an app.
  • It is difficult to add user-friendly features.

For example – You are offering an application to read fictional stories. For aesthetics, you select a theme where a user must turn the digital pages to read further. However, your user finds it easier and more convenient to scroll the screen. Your app offers an inconvenient experience to the user.


2. Another important part of UX strategy is competitive research. It helps you in creating an application that can withstand market competition. Without competitive research:

  • You will not know your competition product.
  • You have no clarity on markets’ visual design language.
  • You don’t know the weakness of your competitor. And you can’t utilize those weaknesses to your benefit by giving users something better.

Therefore, it is crucial to conduct competitive research and highlight the significant differences between your product and your competition’s offering.


3. Without the right strategy, your app cannot become the problem solver for the users. A good UX troubleshoots the features that are not user-friendly.

What are the challenges in fixing app features when you don’t have a UX strategy?

  • Collecting data about user problems is difficult.
  • You don’t know which category of users to ask for feedback.
  • Without user feedback you can’t implement changes to the app.

When you do not have user analysis in the first place, it can be difficult for you to prepare a feedback form to store the necessary data. Hence, the idea to improve your app fails.


4. Further, you cannot determine a user’s physical and mental capability without a UX strategy. For example, you want to target audiences globally to use your application. But your app supports only the standard language (English). A person who only understands their native language will not be able to sign up with your app. They can’t understand instructions and follow steps to connect with you. Hence, you lose a massive market opportunity to engage the local people of an area.


5. An application developed without a user-oriented plan is sure to lack usability. Here’s what further consequences can be:

  • It will affect the number of app downloads.
  • Reviews, and ratings will suffer.
  • When a large audience cannot connect with your app their interest shifts.


6. Validating user research is the final step of the UX plan. Without validating your research, you can’t verify whether you have covered all the user interaction touchpoints. Your work must validate both the strategy and app design. This last step is followed by creating a minimum viable product (MVP), testing the product with real users, and improving it based on test-user feedback.

Building an app UX is helpful to the user and the provider. The provider can have a detailed plan on how to increase user engagement through the application, and the user can benefit from an experience that truly makes a difference. An effective UX strategy helps you connect with your audience, increase their trust because you can maintain consistency between their needs and your solutions.



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