Debunking Top 4 Myths About Staff Augmentation

Debunking Top 4 Myths About Staff Augmentation

Debunking Top 4 Myths About Staff Augmentation 

Staff augmentation is a great way to develop your projects efficiently and time-effectively. Hiring can be both time and effort intensive. It’s a good idea to opt for remote staffing when you’re looking to complete a project quickly and your existing staff lacks the proficiency in the latest technologies. However, there are several myths around this strategy. Here, we unveil myths about staff augmentation and how it can help organizations. 

Myth 1 – Staff augmentation is an Expensive Deal 

The above statement is by far the most popular myth about staff augmentation. 

Let us consider a traditional process of hiring an in-house resource. Any firm incurs several external and internal costs when they seek new talent. They pay for ads, recruiting team, resources involved; this doesn’t end here. After hiring, you have to consider employee benefits, policies, training, etc. 

Instead, getting remote staff saves you from all these expenses. Resources are hired by staff augmentation partners based on the skills you require. Training and employee benefits are also handled by the company who offers their staff. All you have to do is give the remote staff a detailed brief of the project. 

Myth 2 – Cultural gap and time differences would hinder project completion 

An augmented resource has a mindset to acclimatize with your team quickly. Moreover, you save time on finding the right talent in the market. The time differences allow round-the-clock project development. Either your in-house or the remote team will be active, which speeds up product development

Myth 3 – Employer loses control over confidential data and project 

Staff augmentation is the most popular form of outsourcing, yet different from the traditional practice. In the latter, you wouldn’t know who is working on your project. Also, the results could be inconsistent. Due to this discrepancy, staff augmentation became popular so that employers take complete control over their projects and the hired assets. The highest standards of security are maintained to keep your confidential data safe. The staff augmentation company checks with the data protection laws and regulations. The process is not only about removing the hassles of hiring a resource, but also about building a reliable connection with your company. 

Myth 4 – There can be contract loopholes 

While signing a contract is the last step to hire a vendor, it is also crucial. You must hire a legal expert, to keep payment terms, warranties, regulations for data protection, and other information clear. They can assist to build a solid contract in which all issues are settled. 

When it is difficult to reach your business goals with the existing team, you can definitely consider IT staffing as a viable option. If chosen correctly, your project will be developed by experts, which will ensure quality and faster turnaround. 

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