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Agent of connection between travellers and mobility operators.

Two Apps to support Mobile and Tab Resolution. Designed for Ticket booking at Point of Sales and at Mode of Transport through Drivers/Transport Operator.

Transportation/Travel Industry

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About Ubirider

Ubirider is a mobile agent of connection between travellers and mobility operators.

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The Challenges 01

Ubirider came to us with a need to have a digital platform in the form of a mobile app that could combine all transport mode into seamless travel experience where travellers can plan, pay and be seamlessly guided to the destinations with the same app.

Business Solutions 02

We designed Two Apps in two different languages English and Portuguese.

1) App for Driver/Inspector : We created another app for hand held ticket printing for transport operators/drivers to manage ridership and fare collection in real-time, without additional infrastructure.
Through this app the inspector can sell tickets to passengers that are onboarding the bus without tickets.
Drivers can validate tickets, either by tapping traveler's NFC card or scanning the QR.
It displays real-time view of stoppages and current locations to the driver. This is very helpful for new on-boarded drivers. While on a journey, using this app the driver/TC can report issues like road closed, accidents, delay in arrival and cleaning related issues to the back office.
There is a Cashup feature to print the summary of the whole journey like total tickets sold, validated, cancelled or total cash collected on a receipt which they can handover along with cash at their office.

2) App for POS : Nickelfox created a mobile app named Pick TicketOffice by Ubirider for Android devices. This app is designed for Operators at bus stop counters. It is intended for large devices (screen size 15’6 inches). It allows one time visitors and local travellers to plan door-to-door travel, pay and ride to all destinations, using the best transport combination.
Here Ticket sellers had following options for sales:

Technology Used 03


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Open Sans

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