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An E-commerce Platform, Mobile Application.

We designed an E-commerce Platform, Mobile Application & gave Consultancy on building Recommendation Engine.

Fashion Industry

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About Lily

Lily AI helps brands and retailers understand shoppers' emotional context. Lily AI tracks customer preferences in terms of their perception of themselves and their buying behaviour to match it with suitable products.

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Client Achievements

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Best Startup

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Accelerator Winner 2017

SXSW Accelerator Winner 2017 lily


The Startup Conference Best startup Award 2017 lily

The Challenges 01

Lily AI approached NickelFox at the stage of idea conception. In the duration of six years, the project evolved and went through different phases. It started off from a simple apparel recommendation platform for customers and delivering suitable clothes to them from collection of high-end brands and stores, to a fully-fledged E-commerce platform, to an Artificial Intelligence Technology company for brands providing recommendation platform. NickelFox has been supporting Lily AI since 2014.

Initial MVP version of Lily was a geographical aggregation of stores inventory.

Followed by a POC (proof of concept) for them.

Subsequent versions had self-perception based questionnaire forms.

Chatbot for personalized touch.

Plan and Create Mobile App based E-commerce Platform.

Business Solutions 02

We did our research on different dataset APIs available, to gather the information regarding different stores and their inventory to finalise the tool which best suited our needs at that point of time.

We developed a very flexible and scalable architecture for their mobile platform which would adapt any changes that could come up during or after the beta testing and user feedback. We worked on the UI designing of their platform.

We were able to provide them support for almost 4 years with this engagement. We defined their mobile application architecture and developed the mobile application.We worked with their engineering team to consult regarding the flow and the user experience of their platform.

Key highlights of engagement with Nickelfox03

NickelFox UI/UX team kicked off the project by understanding the intricate details of the infrastructure service model, thereby understanding client requirements, vision and concept behind the product.

The new platform's designs were then put through their paces via rigorous usability testing and quantitative benchmarking to ensure project objectives were met.

With our customer friendly and adaptive approach, many last minute quick changes that come up due to the dynamic nature of business, we flexibility adapt to it, ensuring client satisfaction.

Business Benefits 04

It helped them interview thousands of women through form-filling and predict the emotional context of each customer using deep product data and anonymized customer behaviour data to deliver highly relevant and individualized experiences on e-commerce sites.

Quickly acquiring the seed funding for next phase of development, building investor confidence on the technology solution provided.

Technology Used 05

Objective C


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Words from our clients

"The most important thing that distinguishes Nickelfox is the fact that they really put their heart into understanding what we are building."

Purva Gupta

CEO at Lily Ai.


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