Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends to follow in 2021
January 2, 2021 ⋅ 5 min read

Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends to follow in 2021

Mobile apps are always considered to be the most wonderful technical innovations throughout, and they have changed in which people work, shop, live and communicate. With passing time, mobile apps have actually evolved by just adopting some new technology trends. That’s where the role of our mobile app development company comes into action. In this year, 2021, there are 12 trendy mobile app development ideas which we would love to share with you.

  1. With Samsung coming up with a foldable OLED display, the OS is getting ready to make use of such technology for improving its experiences. Google announced the foldable support on Android phones by using “Screen Continuity API.
  2. Android and iOS app development has risen to popularity after Apple came up with the ARKit and Google with ARCode. So, AR and VR are high on the rise and will stay like that.
  3. Everyone is aware of “FaceApp,” which gained popularity because of its brilliant AI usage. It helps to add a filter to user’s photos to show what they might look like when they are younger, older, and more.
  4. Wearable technology is globally advancing. Apple announced the WatchOS update, where the Apple watch apps will no longer need a companion iOS app and have their own App Store.
  5. Over 80% of enterprises are expected to use Chatbot in 2021. So, it is a real business opportunity to add Chatbot to the mobile app.
  6. Over 7.6 million people are currently taking part in the on-demand economy these days. So, we would like to use the same technology for creating some of the best on-demand apps on behalf of our clients.
  7. The cloud servicing market grew within the period of 2019 and 2020 by around 17%, jumping straight to $266.4 billion from $227.8 billion. So, we would like to work on cloud-based apps as well.
  8. We have also been working on M-commerce, which is more about small gadgets like smartphones to purchase services or goods.
  9. Enterprise apps are here to stay in 2021, and we are ready to create the best ones for you. The main goal is to help streamline businesses.
  10. PWA is another major trend of mobile app development in 2021. It is to make the apps responsive enough and independent.
  11. AMP is an open-source framework developed by Google along with Twitter. It helps to create faster and better experiences on the mobile web. It helps to build lightweight experiences for mobile by simplifying HTML and streamlined CSS rules.
  12. As smartphones are moving towards smartwatches, mobile wallets like Google Wallet and Apple pay will drive purchasing through 2021.

We will help businesses create customized mobile apps with the dream to enhance the reach and boost our productivity level. Make sure to contact-Nickelfox Technologies for details.

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