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UI/UX Design of SAS based Supply Chain Digitization Platform

We created an online supply chain platform for factory staff, contractors, clients, CEOs & other decision makers

Infrastructure Services

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About Scopeworker

Scopeworker is a game changing digitization services for critical infrastructure. It automates the procure-execute-pay lifecycle of complex supplier services. Scopeworker simplifies the world's most complex services supply chains with an uncomplicated digital transformation. The cloud based platform and mobile apps automates real-time engagement between buyers, suppliers and workers for an end-to-end supply chain functioning. The platform allows the network team to have full visibility to all field-based transactions and track metrics.

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The Challenges 01

Scopeworker needed an online supply chain platform that delivers the same user experience for different users of the platform, ranging from factory staff, contractors, clients, CEOs & other decision makers. Challenge was to link complex data of multiple stakeholders with user flow.
600 different screens to be designed, optimized and delivered along the parallel development process.
Accessing a huge dataset from a few key dashboards screens.

Business Solutions 02

We created clear mind maps, sitemaps and architecture for organizing huge amounts of data, various processes and user flows.
Defined distinct UI/UX guidelines for different data sets. Created UI/UX Guidelines taking into account the features to be launched in next 6 months product roadmap.
Using Collapsible data elements along with use of proper whitespace for clean look throughout all dashboards. The solution ensured all dashboards are customizable at runtime and deliver desired insights in an efficient and quick turnaround time.

Key highlights of Engagement with Nickelfox03

Scopeworker engaged NickelFox to Design a SAS web Dashboard that could be used to visualize large datasets and pull maximum actionable insights that can be leveraged to make the complete process more seamless, efficient and cost effective.

Business Benefits 04

The most preferable product by ERP, P2P & SAAS based businesses.
The sticky user experience helped each stakeholder to regularly use Scopeworker for tracking key metrics, thereby improving deliverables at all levels.
Addressing design issues for collating & accessing huge data involved in procurement & delivery of infrastructure projects. Fetched double digit saving for Scopeworker clients in terms of cost, time and efficiency.

Technology Used 05



Adobe Illustrator

Fonts & Colors06


Proxima Nova

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